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Don't Fall off or Else

Created by Sean081799

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Map Info

This is a Survival Island Based map, but only one difference: It's not an island. Instead its a floating "chunk" that is directly proportional to the average Minecraft World. (To find Y coord for normal world, do this: Y coord of normal world = Current Y coord - 31, because that is bedrock level. Sorry for  the math involved)

There's only 1 Tree, 2 Chickens, 2 Pigs, 2 Cows, and 2 Sheep in the map. If you happen to not get a Sapling from the tree, then there is a Command Block shop to buy a Sapling, which costs 3 Levels.

There is a "Fake" Abandon Mineshaft in the map, but it contains a chest with Useful items.

There are 16 Diamond Ore in the map, and 1 Diamond Block. (You REALLY have to look for it) DO NOT GET THIS MIXED UP WITH SKYBLOCK!!!!! There is no "destination", just the small 20x20x64 chunk in midair. There are 6 Achievements, all with prizes in item frames.

Key: Achievement/Prize

  • Craft and Eat a Cake/Overkill Potion (Strength 4 for 4:00)
  • Create an Iron Golem/Tank Potion (Resistance 4 and Slowness 2 for 8:00)
  • Start a Mooshroom Farm/Super Golden Apple
  • Mine the ONLY 2 Emeralds in the map/ Enchantment Table
  • Create a Level 2 Beacon/Beating Stick (I'm not going to spoil the surprise enchantments)
  • (Most Skyblock related) Get the Beacon off the side of the Map/The Beacon itself

There isn't much to say about this map, because its self-explanatory: Survive.

I give anyone permission to make a video(s) of this map. Please leave a comment, tell your friends, and like this map.

Thank you



2013-02-07 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Sean081799
(21 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.4.7 (Java)
File Size: 336 KB
Date Added: 2013-02-07
Downloads: 58,944
Map Category: Survival Maps

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