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Created by Doctor_Ender

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I hope to create a unique survival experience with Cub'd. Unlike Skyblock, this map has you stuck inside of a cube. The cube is made out of barrier blocks, so you can't escape.

You have infinite cobblestone and wood, so tree farming and cobblestone generators aren't needed. In order to get other blocks and items, you must trade with villagers.

The challenges for this map are:

  • Have a wheat farm.
  • Have a carrot farm.
  • Have a potato farm.
  • Have a melon farm.
  • Have a pumpkin farm.
  • Have a cactus farm.
  • Buy a spawner from one of the villagers.
  • Make a mob grinder (Yes this one is possible. Get creative).
  • Have a double chest filled with cobblestone.
  • Kill the ender dragon.

Map Details

Creator: Doctor_Ender
(49 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 261 KB
Added: 2015-08-09
Downloads: 14,527
Category: Survival Maps


+6 Inkboy Cool idea for a map but at the moment it is impossible to beat. Not only because there is no way to get dirt but also the logistics of how expensive the trades are. Not even considering anything else you will need to buy, just the end portal frames you need to get to the end, you would have to mine 6291456 pieces of cobblestone. To put that ridiculously large number into perspective, that is about 1820 double chests absolutely full of cobble. Not only does this map need quite a lot of polishing(no dirt, not enough space for all those farms, what if someone misplaces one of the end portal frames once it is possible to get them), but right now it is completely impossible for it to be played. 335 diamond pickaxes for just one end portal frame is way over the top(If you dont believe any of my numbers try for yourself, bty diamond picks have 1562 durability).

2016-01-18 10:51

-1 ironsam guys i set up a simple shop so dat i could trade for dirt out of rotten flesh and also thers no water so my thrade is 10 cobble = 1 ice block see? just make reasonable trades and its all fixed !!!!

2015-11-26 00:49

-1 recon0311jr This is a great map with some minor bugs. First off, it IS IMPOSSIBLE to make a farm. None of the villagers have a trade where you can acquire dirt, so how are we supposed to make a farm. Plus one of the villagers is completely blocked off by the invisible blocks, so it is impossible to trade with him. Please fix these issues, I intend to keep playing, BUT I NEED DIRT!!!!!!

2015-11-20 02:39

-1 Thornhorn Too much mining I think, great idea for a map though!

2015-11-14 15:33

-1 claystone333 Does this count for the cobble?


2015-10-29 02:34

0 chadandersen1 Good idea for a map, but i'm having a lot of problems. First, you need to make the villager trades infinite so we don't have to trade something else to be able to get more iron. Also, way too much obsidian for a portal frame. You need so much cobble to be able to do this. Also, I'm having a problem where every time I log off of the world, any block I place gets deleted. Making a decent mob grinder with that little space is close to impossible, and making a farm is actually impossible.

2015-09-03 22:57

+1 Patcat314 Can i have the commands that u used to summon the villagers, because there is a point, that even if u do another trade, the sold out trades dont reset, i was just wondering if i could kill the bad one and spawn a new one.

2015-08-27 20:32

+3 bikerchic44 no point even downloading if you are unable to get dirt

2015-08-21 20:09

0 RmK with one of the villagers, i can't trade -.-

2015-08-16 18:39

-1 Corley It is impossible to collect dirt, gravel, water, and it's also impossible to actually farm and complete the challenges. If you trade with the villagers enough, you'll find out that the villager also offers the original trades, such as 18-22 wheat for an emerald, and I can see that the creator didn't fully check over anything for the details. It's a nice concept and everything, but you need to go over it again and fix it.

2015-08-16 10:11

0 Bob Great idea, but there is no gravel, water or dirt.

2015-08-13 22:02

+5 Em Blade is right, after hitting save and exit you lose everything that is not in your inventory. That includes all chests, even if they are placed on the bedrock.

2015-08-12 12:35

+1 Need Help How to get dirt for the farms

2015-08-11 15:39

-1 Waatson Build Team Quoting Jkapvan:
I was wonder how you got the block such as the Log and cobble stone to replace after the person broke it plz help

if you go to creating and fly out of the bordered area you will see some command blocks. This will give you an idea on how to do it.

2015-08-11 11:07

-1 troy if the villager stops trading simply do a different trade to get it open again. And when trading do not shift click that is what closes it. Dirt is impossible to get i even checked the villager that is blocked off that you can not get to.

2015-08-10 17:17

+1 philmass i'm sorry if i'm not seeing something that's right in front of me but how do i get dirt for the farms?

2015-08-10 06:43

-1 Jkapvan I was wonder how you got the block such as the Log and cobble stone to replace after the person broke it plz help

2015-08-10 04:02

+2 MiniKnoppa Where Do You Get Dirt?

2015-08-09 23:22

+4 Anon From what I can tell from actually playing the map, it is truly impossible to complete the challenges. None of the villagers trade for dirt. So, I thought the map creator was attempting to make us travel through the nether over to the grass border in order to get dirt. One villager trades flint, which we would need to light a nether portal, for gravel and emeralds. But this is also useless because none of the villagers trade for gravel. Maybe I'm missing something? Maybe the player must unlock a dirt or gravel trade? I don't know. I just wanted to point out that farms are impossible to make in the map. I'm not bashing the map, though. Props to the creator for coming up with a great idea, it's just flawed is all.

2015-08-09 17:58

0 Trevor Lane Hey this map was fun i get the idea but i can't find dirt for the farms to you get it from the villagers i couldn't find it or do you get it as you go along the map

2015-08-09 16:43

+1 Dodders Epic map but how are we meant to get dirt and save up all that obsidian for a nether portal
128 obsidian a portal frame 12 needed
1536 obsidian needed
6144 diamonds
49152 gold
393216 iron
3145728 cobblestone in total if im wrong or theres an automated way to do this i would be gladly corrected (not to mention the emeralds needed for farms)

2015-08-09 16:13

0 A Friendly Player Using redstone blocks and a few more command blocks, I sped up the cobble timer just using fill -108 29 948 -108 29 -949 minecraft:redst one_block and fill -108 29 948 -108 29 -949 minecraft:stone.

It works for wood, too!

2015-08-09 14:58

0 Waatson Build Team when trading with villagers if you trade with them they stop trading that trade e.g.: i traded 2 stacks of cobble for 8 iron and the villager stopped trading.

2015-08-09 09:45

+3 Blade Cool map, but when you save and exit everything is restated, the whole map is cleared. That really does stop you from building anything.

2015-08-09 04:33


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