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Crystal World

Created by fabiracer12

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Map Info:
A cold, taiga-like landscape, massive mountains, underground rivers, gigantic caves and 10 challenges will give you the perfect survival challenge.

- 2500x2500 with WorldPainter created landscape (At the borders you will find automatic generated lakes, caves etc.)
- A detailed landscape with underground rivers, waterfalls, gigantic caves and mountains and much more to discover
- You will find ores, animals and other things, as they spawn naturally. There is also an End-Portal at -692 104 -213
- The Challenges and Items you won't find on the map are in the spawn chest (e.g. pumpkins, different saplings and melons)

1. Build an igloo.
2. Visit the nether.
3. Brew some potions.
4. Enchant a sword with sharpness 5.
5. Gather 10 stacks of coal, redstone and lapis lazuli.
6. Build a bridge above one of the lakes.
7. Create a snow golem on one of the mountains.
8. Use a boat and swim through the ice cave in front of the spawn chest without destroying the boat.
9. Find emeralds.
10. Defeat the enderdragon

Do whatever you want with this map, but please do not upload this map somewhere else. If you create videos, I would be glad to see them :)

Map Details

Creator: fabiracer12
(65 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 60 MB
Added: 2015-09-26
Downloads: 21,796
Category: Survival Maps


+1 rambeau This map works fine in 1.9.x and 1.10. Suggestion: generate the biomes (as appropriate to their elevations) as ICE_FLATS and MUTATED_TAIGA_C OLD, instead of Taiga, so that Polar Bears will spawn naturally in 1.10. Bonus points: In 1.10, igloos should be created when the chunks are generated.

2016-06-17 06:14

0 rambeau I found sand, etc., out beyond the edges of the WorldPainter-cr eated world. That's a long way off, even with a saddled pig. But understood. As I said before, this is a great map.

2016-04-17 07:25

0 rambeau Great map! We really enjoy it. One question: Is there sand somewhere? I've dug up a lot of real estate looking. I don't use a scanner, so I cannot just go get it. :)

2016-04-17 06:10

0 rambeau Will you give permission to run this map (as one of many) on a whitelist multiplayer server for my 10-year-old grandson? There are currently eight registered players, with no increase anticipated. Thanks in advance.

2016-04-02 01:13

+1 Brainbubbles Very epic map, man! It's really cool for roleplaying or for on a server survival! Thnx for this beauthiful map! :)

2016-02-28 18:10

0 howdydudes2 Dear: fabiracer12

Hello, my name is howdydudes2. I'm not very famous for anything plus I'm not exactly that good at building things. However I would like to use your map for a video that I've been thinking about making. Yes I will definitely give you all the credit for building this master peice of a world and the credit to a builder that I'm also barrowing ideas from. I would just like you to know that it's thanks to people like you and Madnes64 that I may find great joy in Minecraft. Please keep doing your amazing work no matter what else anyone says. Thank you for this world. :)

-Sincerely your new fan: howdydudes2

2015-12-07 05:03

+1 fabiracer12 Quoting 7Hallows:
great map, but i hope you can add a ice block so we could build our shelter with it, and more quests will be good.

ty for this great map

There is infinite ice in this map. You need a silk touch enchantment to get these blocks ;)

2015-11-07 10:40

+4 7Hallows great map, but i hope you can add a ice block so we could build our shelter with it, and more quests will be good.

ty for this great map

2015-10-31 01:31

+3 greenskeleton5 A storyline would be cool. Maybe a plane crash or something. Also, it would be neat if there were more quests and, most importantly, artificial structures, like Russian natives or something. Otherwise cool map, great job!

2015-10-03 22:39

+3 Harpuia Here ya go man. The first of a let's play series. Enjoy!


2015-09-29 09:54


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