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Monsters' Trophies

Created by Skywebz

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IMPORTANT : Your server must be at least in 1.8.5 ! (in 1.8.4 the /stats command is dysfunctional)

This project is basically a lesson of mapmaking from my teacher and friend, Zennel, creator of ChivalCraft (check it out!) who gently accepted to share his knowledge. Then my girlfriend and I had random ideas, and with the magic of commandblocks and work, here it is : our first finished project.

In a few words :

Monsters' Trophies is a PvP map where 4 teams (or less, but not just one ... otherwise you're alone ... yeah ...) fight for their opponents' Trophies (heads).

The teams are actually mobs : Slimes, Blazes, CaveSpiders and Endermen.

The map resets itself and includes three kind of gameplay axes : Farm, Fight, and also team strategy.

Goal :

Your goal is simple, but the way to complete it is not. You have to grab your 3 opponents' heads and return them to your base. To break a head, you'll need to buy at least two things in your shop : The Beheader, the only tool able to break heads, and blocks to bridge to create a way leading to the middle island. But these items are only available by trading resources you have to return from your farming areas ... whose are located at the extrem opposite of your base!

The map :

You can see 4 islands made of different blocks linked by bridges : those are teams' Bases. 2 satellites are floating around each one of them: those are the teams' Mine and Arena. The blocks who compose the island symbolize the team it belongs.

The slimeblocks islands belong to slimes, the mushrooms ones belong to cavespiders, etc ...

You will notice that the Mines and Arenas floating around a team's base does not belong to that team, but to the opposite one. That's the first important thing to know : you'll have to cross two opponent's bases and two bridges to access your farming areas. And another time to return them into your base. That's why you will probably need team strategy : your teammates will have to escort you if you're carrying precious resources or even a Monster's Trophie.

The shop :

To access your shop, simply wait 3 seconds on the diamond block. obviously, you can only access your base's shop.

There's 3 purchasing stand and an upgradable enchanting table.

The most important purchasing panel

  • The beheader : The only tool who allows you to grab a Monster's Head. It can be used only once.
  • Bookshelf : To upgrade your base's enchanting table.
  • 8 blocks : those are bridge blocks, to create a way towards the middle island.
  • The two other signs on the left and right are teams' special items. One of them is consumable (2 emeralds), the other one is permanent (4 emeralds).
Special items :

Slimes :

  • Permanent : Sticky Ball : cancel any knockback.
  • Consumable : Sticky Potion : splash potion who stuns enemies and make them invulnerable during a few seconds.

Endermen :

  • Permanent : Dragon's Staff : Knockback II Staff
  • Consumable : Dragon's Cheer : 15s Strength potion

Blazes :

  • Permanent : Flaming Ros : Fire Aspect Rod
  • Consumable : Flaming Wall : 20 s Resistance II + Fire resistance potion

Cave Spiders :

  • Permanent : Spider Legs : +30% speed while holding in your hand
  • Consumable : Spider Poison : Poison Potion

The two other purchasing area will allow you to get new swords and armors. You can also use the chest to stock precious stuff.

Mines, Arenas, Deaths.

In order to buy all these things, you'll have to access your farming areas and come back to your shop.

To access your mine or arena, just walk in the floating corresponding item. The farming areas are only accessible for the right team, obviously. When you die, you lose all of your inventory except the stuff you already bought!

The middle island :

To walk this island soil, you'll have to use your bridge blocks to reach these jump pads. Then, just go ahead through the cave, and you'll finally arrive to the Trophies' monument. In this tower, severals things are useful : The upgraded enchanting table, where you can enchant your stuff and also trade lapis with levels, a bonus chest containing resources to reward the fastest player, and obviously the top of the tower, where you can find the 4 Monster's Head.

You'll have to grab one of them with your Beheader and then jump down with the jump pads on the edge of the island, and finally place your opponent's head on the correct receptacle!

The first team who returned his 3 opponents' heads win.

Technical things / Settings / Informations :

You'll NEED the Resource Pack to play ! It's included in the map archive, and you can also set it in your file.
Respawn times of mobs and ores on the arenas and mines :

Ores :

  • Lapis-lazuli : A minute or less (not really accurate)
  • Emerald : 2 minutes
  • Diamond : 3 minutes

Mobs :

  • Zombies : 2 / 10 seconds
  • Squeletttes : 1 / 20 seconds
  • Zombie Pigman : 1 / minute
  • Witch : 1 / 3 minutes
  • When a team's head is placed on another team's receptacle, the members of the first will earn 10 gold nuggets.
  • Severals chat messages will inform you when someone destroy or return a head.
  • If someone owns a Beheader, he will emit particles.
  • A tutorial is available.
  • There's no minimal number of players per team, the more you are the more you have fun ^^
  • Golden Pressure Plates are jump pads.
  • There are 3 hidden items in the map ... :P
Settings :
  • Difficulty : Easy / Normal / Hard 
  • Regeneration : On / Off : Health regeneration
  • Start Resistance : On / Off : 30 secondes of infinite resistance in the beginning.
  • Beheader's clear : On / Off : If you want to clear Beheaders from the inventory when you die or not.
  • Speed game : On / Off : If no team wins after 30 minutes, the game changes : you will not lose your items (except heads) when you die, and the ores spawns faster
  • Time : Day or Night

WOW ! That was long to write, and to read I guess.The best advice I could give you is simply to test the map !

Thanks / Credits :

  • Zennel, who taught me the basics of commandblocks.
  • WindiePanda, aka my girlfriend, for being awesome :D
  • GreenLenux, who made those awesome mobs pictures.
  • Me, because it was a hell good thing to build all this map, but it was long o/
  • Chlorophylle_ for the thumbnail :)

Waiting for feedbacks :)

If you make a video of Monsters' Trophies, just put a link to this page and give us credits :)

Map Details

Creator: Skywebz
(15 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.5
Size: 2.2 MB
Added: 2015-07-02
Downloads: 11,532
Category: PVP Maps


+3 zxcvbnm12345fktj Wow! That was a great map! I had lots of fun playing it on YouTube!

2015-07-02 20:38

+1 Joe Cool. At the moment i don't have that much friends to play with xD But it still looks pretty darn sweet!

2015-07-02 19:38


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