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Knockback Blast-Off

Created by Peeter100

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Knockback Blast-Off is a PvP map where the objective is to knock your opponent out of the arena. This map features a custom knockback system similar to Super Smash Bros. The more a player gets hit, the more knockback they take.

This map features 7 classes, and a few settings to make the gameplay as fair or as chaotic as you want it to be. Become an aggressive tank, a skilled archer, or a noob camper. Because of the classes, the gameplay can be very fluid. Knockback Blast-Off can be played by however many players you want, as long as the server doesn't crash. It's a very simple map to learn and to play, because of its basic rules:

Deal damage to increase knockback. Change classes in the inventory. Knock enemies out of the arena.

Check out the gameplay in the map trailer and if you enjoyed the map, have any questions, bugs, or balancing ideas, join my Discord and check out my YouTube channel to support me. Have fun!


Map Details

Creator: Peeter100
(37 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.17
Size: 16.3 MB
Added: 2021-08-09
Downloads: 4,469
Category: PVP Maps

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