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Grab The Block

Created by The 7A Crew external

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Grab The Block is a Team-Based PvP Survival map for Minecraft 1.8+
The goal of the game is to try and collect 9 Emerald Blocks before the opposing team and store them in your safe-house.
If you are interested in playing our map, then please read the entirety of this post, for you may need to know some information that will help the game run smoothly without any problems!
While it is technically possible to play this on your own, it is highly recommended that you play with at least one other person. This map is not built for one person to play and things (such as redstone) might start acting weird. I would say that this map should be played with two people on each team, but will function normally with one on each team.
As the subtitle says, you have to collect 9 Emerald Blocks before the enemy team collects them and stores them away. These Emerald Blocks spawn on floating blocks of bedrock between you and the enemy team. In this map, you can join one of two teams:
Team Purple
Team Green
There are no advantages or disadvantages in choice of team. The islands, and the items that spawn in the chest of the islands, are completely equal except for their color (or colour, if you're British.)
Grab The Block Screenshot 1
The islands are completely equal. You can also see where the Emerald Blocks spawn in this screenshot.
Behind the islands, there is a safe-house where you can place your Emerald Blocks. Whenever you do this, it will tell everyone in the game when you place a block and how many blocks you have placed. (Note: Please wait one second before adding or removing blocks from your safe-house. This only affects people who manage to craft a diamond pickaxe, for the mining speed may crash the redstone. People using any other pickaxe *should* be fine. Also, at the moment, it should not possible to create a gold pickaxe. This is deliberate.)

Grab The Block Screenshot 2

This is your safe-house. Notice the holes? You put your Emerald Blocks in there.
If you get stuck inside of the safe-house, you can mine/build your way out. You can use /kill as well if you want. This is not a good idea for you may lose your inventory down one of the holes. Using /kill will not affect your score, however.
For this map, I do not recommend using default textures, as it can look a bit basic at times. In the screenshots, I use a lovely resource pack called OzoCraft. This is a rustic resource pack that changes textures and some audio but still manages to keep the 'feel' of original Minecraft. (Everything is recognisable, but not the same.) I also recommend using either OzoCraft, DokuCraft or Sphax BDcraft. Here are the download links for those packs:
-DokuCraft (Not dokucraft.com)
-Sphax BDcraft
(This map has only been tested on a server environment. It may not work using the in-built LAN server option, but it should work. Just make sure to set your render distance to above or around 12.)
Make sure that in your server.properties that the following parameters are met:
(Important = Green)













(By default, the unpacked world is "Grab The Block" without quotation marks.)


 It is recommended that all of the criteria above is met. These settings will improve performance as the map is very light to run in some cases. The map will not function properly if some of the settings are different.

If you have any burning questions, want to let us know about a problem or have any suggestions, we will try to read them all as soon as we can!
-The 7A Crew

Map Details

Creator: The 7A Crew external
(13 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 2.2 MB
Added: 2015-10-23
Downloads: 3,252
Category: PVP Maps


+1 Just_Gerald Awesome map, tons of fun!!

2016-05-28 02:08


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