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Glassy PaintBall

Created by MRickNL/Rog_erwtje

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Map Info

This is an map for 2 players! You are with an friend in an arena shooting arrows with sheep (the paint) with glass under your feet jump to go up break the glass to go lower, very fun minigame!

i made this map with my friend its our second map :D (first map was find the tnt)

(if you are an youtuber leave the map in the description) we also got an youtuber channel mine is MRickNL and his is Roghie

Hope you enjoy and if something is wrong with the map tell us! (that the arrow sometimes disappear is something we added to make it harder you can adjust it if you want)


Map Details

Creator: MRickNL/Rog_erwtje
(31 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 1.22 MB
Added: 2017-03-16
Downloads: 2,272
Category: PVP Maps

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