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Enhanced PVP

Created by Magnify911

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Map Info:
This is a map that adds a new experience to PVP, using Parkour, Powerups and more!

Server Requirements:

  • PVP on (obviously).
  • Command blocks enabled.
  • All players MUST  be opped, as this map uses /tellraw (OP permissions) in many ways.
  • No spawn protection.
  • 2+ Player map.

Beta 0.1

  • Finished basic game.
  • Added default kits.

Beta 0.2

  • Added knockback-resistance powerup w/ parkour to get to it.

Stable 1.0

  • Fixed Spectators bug.
  • Fixed restarting mid-game bug.
  • Fixed parkour bug.
  • Fixed trading with random Villagers bug.
  • Added flame arrows powerup.
  • More /tellraw messages.

Map Details

Creator: Magnify911
(38 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 234 KB
Added: 2015-01-26
Downloads: 13,112
Category: PVP Maps

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