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Dwarven Stronghold

Created by n_gads

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Map Info:
Two warring Dwarven tribes face each other across a precipitous mountain rift. The Ironfists and the Goldbeards, in mortal conflict since the dawn of time, must venture forth from their Mountain Strongholds and join battle to determine who's King will reign supreme.

Who will break the other's defences first? Who will invade the enemy Stronghold, plunder their resources and commit the ultimate sacrilege by sitting upon the enemy's Throne?

A Multiplayer PvP map for as many players as possible.

Secret passages. Quest chains. Defensive and Offensive Mechanisms, and a mysterious hidden mini-game that could decide the fate of both teams forever...


Works with 1.7

Spawn nodes – use these to set your respawn point, either to inside the Throne Room, or closer to the bridge exits. The nodes can be destroyed by knocking the redstone torch off the top – if both nodes are destroyed then the Team's spawn point will be set way outside of the Stronghold, making it harder to get back in when you die! So defend those nodes!

The base defense mechanism can spam buffs and debuffs within the Throne Room, clearing bad effects from your Team and removing the enemy's armour if they move within reach. But it will cost 16 diamonds to activate the machine. Diamonds are found in chests throughout the map and can be mined, alongside iron, from the quarries outside each teams' base.

There is a secret way into each Stronghold which you must discover and defend.

There are quests dotted around will give XP, buffs for the whole Team, and even powerful weapons and armour that could help turn the tide in your favour.

There is a hidden mini-game which both teams will have to play which could give a major advantage to the winner.

Dwarven Stronghold is designed for mulitplayer pvp but there should be enough to quests to complete and books to read to keep you going if you want to play solo – you'll have to Open the Map to LAN and gamemode c to get the game started but after that it should be OK.

Ops fyi. 

There is a Lobby area built around the Main Spawn with a mechanism designed to start the game off fairly once each team has been chosen.

Players can use the nodes in each half of the lobby to join their team – ops will have to decide when the teams are fair. Once the start lever is pulled the nodes will stop working to ensure no last minute switching!

Pull both levers to start a countdown. Everyone's gamemode is set to the default (which you can chose from the control wall at the back of the platform), this allows ops to play in a team without having to issue commands etc.

The Teams will have to run down the corridor to their base – the first set of pads will clear their inventory, the second tps them to their base.

If you find any bugs or things that could be made better then let me know. Thanks.



Map Details

Creator: n_gads
(13 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 7.95 MB
Added: 2014-09-03
Downloads: 20,045
Category: PVP Maps


+1 n_gads Slushie is right - the redstone is too complex to reset (or, I don't know enough about how to make it reset!), so you need to restart the game. Just delete the old copy (or overwrite with the new) and start the game again.

2014-10-04 22:03

+2 Slushie Hey greenfoot, if you keep the zip file in your maps folder also(this doesn't cause any issues that I'm aware of with any map) then once you want to reset the game just open your map folder, delete the file and unzip the zipped folder again and the new map should come back into your saves

2014-09-23 19:24

+1 greenfoot5 is there any way to reset the game or do you have to start up the map again?

2014-09-22 15:52


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