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Bridge Out Battle

Created by Jigarbov

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Map Info:
Bridge Out Battle (BOB) is a brand new PvP map, created by Jigarbov. This map focuses on team based combat between two different sides, allowing up to 20 players (10v10) to participate in the same battle.

The goal of the map is to 'bridge out' to the other team's side and defeat them. When the opposite team has ran out of lives, the game is won. After 60 minutes, if no team has won, all players will be killed, resulting in a draw.

Resources will continually drop out of the sky, and must be caught. There are also supply satellites, which provide additional resources.

In the center of the map is the temple, which periodically draws in power. The temple can be activated by a team to provide them with positive buffs, or negative debuffs to the enemy team, as well as an ender pearl. An alert will be displayed in-game when the temple can be activated.

The Rules (Player)
- Don't craft any beds.
- Don't mine the BOB logo.
- Don't try to leave the play area by going too far out of the arena, or trying to land on the ground.

The Rules (Host)
- To start the game, press start when everyone is ready. You cannot reset! So make sure everyone is ready.
- Make sure your server have view Distance to 15.
- Make sure you have monsters and peaceful mobs ON.
- Command blocks MUST be enabled.

Official Forum Thread:
Bridge Out Battle

Official Trailer:
Bridge Out Battle Trailer

Author Links:
Official Jigarbov Site
Jigarbov's YouTube Channel

Map Details

Creator: Jigarbov
(16 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 3 MB
Added: 2013-05-20
Downloads: 20,806
Category: PVP Maps


+1 EpicGamerHD! Yea, it was funny when the rules said, "Don't mine the BOB logo"

2013-11-24 23:02

+1 Random Dude I laughed when I saw the "Don't mine the BOB logo." rule :D

2013-06-05 09:51

+3 cool_man2424 nice job this is the most best map i have ever been in thanks and good job doing the map that must of taken days or weeks to finish it :D

2013-06-01 02:12

+7 adamtherealone I love this map, it really allows players to use strategies to survive in the air. Great job :D

2013-05-20 20:16


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