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Created by Team Blocksanity

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One saturday morning, the map making team BLOCKSANITY saw a game called "STICK FIGHT: THE GAME" on youtube.

After a bit of talking and throwing a few blocks together, we made a very similar map for your enjoyment.

BLOCK BRAWL: THE GAME is a 1v1 deathmatch game, with custom weapons, custom victory messages, and lots of cool arenas that can be selected to play on.

The game will not let you play with a single player, and although it is compatible with 11+ players, only two players will be fighting.

The game randomly selects two players to fight and leaves everyone else to watch in a cool room.

Spectators will always get to choose what map the fighters play on, unless there are no spectators... in which case, one of the players would get to choose the map.

Weapons spawn randomly in four locations across the map, and additionally there are secret items that players can unlock by inputting codes (in the rules & settings room) that can be found on youtube channels (listed in game).

Rounds go by quick, oh and by the way, Cooldowns on weapons are DECREASED just enough so that you can spam weapons.

The image below with the wooden floor and wooden walls is the "Spectator Lounge," where players can watch the action unfold-- on what appears to be a 2D Platformer.

There are currently five arenas for players to play on, but we are planning on giving the map a bit, adding LOTS of arenas and weapons to it.

Consider this first version of the game a demo for what's to come. This being said, feel free in the comments below to give Map Suggestions &/or Item Ideas.


Map Details

Creator: Team Blocksanity
(32 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.5 MB
Added: 2018-02-25
Downloads: 1,513
Category: PVP Maps


+1 potatosaurusrex I put in the codes for the secret weapons, but they won't appear in-game, is this a glitch or are you still working on them?

2018-03-09 23:06

-1 Azophi XD No problem. The part where the spectators choose the map is kinda weird, but whatever xD

2018-03-05 14:07

-1 S0L4RE Quoting AZOPHI:
Wow! Really fun game here! xD

Thanks for the feedback!

2018-03-02 12:50

-1 CrazyCowMM Quoting AZOPHI:
Wow! Really fun game here! xD

Thanks :)

2018-02-28 22:20

+3 AZOPHI Wow! Really fun game here! xD

2018-02-26 23:33


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