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Battle of Empires

Created by MisterFail

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  • Battle of Empires is mainly a PvP map which has CTP and exploration elements. There are 2 teams who have their own castle: Greens and Oranges.
  • The main goal is to destroy the enemy’s castle once its towers are down. There’s many subtleties, which are explained in game.
  • By capturing points, killing enemies, achieving dungeons, discovering secrets, you will improve over time and it will lead you towards the victory!
  • Thanks to the gold nuggets that you will collect, miners from your base will trade minerals for them. With those, you can buy weapons, armors, items, and potions to help you effectively.
  • When the services in your castle (Shop, Bread Baker, Market...) are advisely used by your team, fights will be easier and the victory will be close.
  • The map uses most of the news Minecraft 1.8 mechanics : dataTags, /clone, /particle, /title, /summon, new blocks, mobs, and a lot more.
  • Many dungeons, bosses and secrets to discover.
  • Custom trading NPCs.
  • Custom mobs.
  • Custom sounds and musics with the included ressource pack.
  • Simple but effective CTP system.
  • Pets system.
  • Random chests throughout the map.
  • Achievements system, which unlock upgrades (jump, speed, power...).
  • All of this in Vanilla! And a lot more, powered by over 1500 command blocks!

  • A guide is distributed to all the players when they joins the server.
  • To play Battle of Empires with friends, a pre-made server is available. The only thing you have to do is to launch it!
  • If you don’t play on a local server, you have to read the README.txt file
  • A custom ressource pack is included. It’s highly recommanded to use it. It will be automatically downloaded and applied to all clients if the installation process is correctly respected
  • Battle of Empires dooes't need any plugins or mods. Before playing, running on a Vanilla server is advised.
  • This map was (almost) made without external softwares. Some elements (like mountains or the big screen in the spawn) were made by softwares like MCEdit. Everything else is handmade!

To made this map, I wasn’t alone. A lot of people helped me, directly or indirectly. I’ll try to mention all of them :

Kgranv, who first got the idea, and then made some structures
Keel100, CommandBlocks and dataTags genius
Bigwave44, for his decoration help
Jucario, for ideas and beta-testing, and for the english translation
Didilebrutal, FredJlp, et XxThomZxX, for being actors in the trailer
Peter Crowley, for the awesome music used in the trailer : Prophecy Of Victory
DatBashy, for lending his powerful PC for the trailer, and for the english translation
UniblueMedia, for his R3D.CRAFT texture pack used in the trailer
Hotknife, for his Moartex texture pack, also used in the trailer
Skylinerw, from, for his huge tutorial on JSON. He also helped a lot of people (me included), in terms dataTags, JSON, /summon, etc...
Minihilly, from, for his tutorial (/summon, custom /give, ect…)
SimplySarc, for his CommandBlocks systems that I sometimes used
Dragnoz, also for his systems
TenDesires, for pinning my events topics on
PremiumMusic and Grégoire Lourme for the musics in the Overworld
Oursvince for the castle music
Others music and sounds is copyrighted by Nintendo Co., Ltd. and Square Enix Co., Ltd.
And all the people who came to my events!
ChrisL21, for his icons used on my topic. His website

As you can see, I didn’t make it alone. It’s because of your help that I finally made it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

A French version of the topic is available by clicking here
Please report feedbacks, I'm fond of! And if you’re planning to play Battle of Empires, don’t hesitate to invite me neither! I would be glad to join you if it's well organized!

Please have fun!

Map Details

Creator: MisterFail
(22 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 47 MB
Added: 2014-12-07
Downloads: 26,583
Category: PVP Maps


+2 HunterGames no, this map need min 10 players

2015-01-28 23:14

-9 jake so this map is only playable in 2 players?

2014-12-08 15:00


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