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Protectors of Myrunir

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"Hundreds at sight.. Thousands more to come.. There seems to be no end of them marching from the depths of the forest.. The nation's last refuge is under siege. Will its Protectors prevail, or will Myrunir be overrun by the Dead Legion?"

  Protectors of Myrunir is a PvE Objective Defense map where you use Fantasy RPG-Style skills, Turrets , and custom NPC allies to Defend Myrunir City from the imminent Dead Legion's siege. Though this map is meant to be played by 4 - 20 players, There is a Singleplayer Option that grants you a lot of help from the NPCs and reduce difficulty.

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፠ Over 50 visually amazing and powerful spells/skills to choose from, with their own unique upgrades that gives newfound powers.

፠ 3 different archetypes of custom armor that emphasizes on different roles. Or mix them up to serve you with the best combinations of bonus stats you desire.- 50+ Custom Challenges and Advancements!

፠ Fight Through 15 waves of 30+ unique types of monsters that have their own unique catches, and other hundreds of monsters that kept on coming for Myrunir.

፠ Powerful and unique ally NPCs and turrets that fight for you and their nation. They are also immaculately animated.

፠ No additional Texture Pack / Behavior Pack / Resource Packs required to be Downloaded. All required dependencies is automatically downloaded and loaded when the world is loaded.

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Resource pack direct download link (for servers):

If you are in an online server, please enable Command Blocks and Data Packs. Do not use plugins that may mess with vanilla datapacks.

This map is heavy. If you are using Aternos, or any server hosting that has less than 3GB RAM, its GOING to be VERY laggy, especially if ur playing with a lot of ppl!

General Rule : Get at least 3 GB if you're playing with 1 or 2 friends. Get an extra GB of RAM for every 2 Players (so that the game runs smoothly).

If you think I deserve some support, you can buy me a coffee here.


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Castle and Houses : Nevas Buildings - City of Iredale

Inspired by :


Defend Helm's Deep

Tools used:

World Edit mod

Advancements Generator by thedestruc7i0n

Heads are taken from

Particle generator

ParticleConverter [ ]

Animated Java Blockbench plugin

TextCraft :


Dwarven Stonecraft


The following music are used in this map. If there are any one missing, please contact me!


Yokovic Boss Theme

Fight for your rights

Music by Playsound from Pixabay

Wave Preparation

epic travel on celtic roads

Songs of wolves and dragons

Battle Songs

Kingdom Come

Battle of the dragons



2022-02-15 - Map Released.

v 1.4.2-2 -> 1.4.3

- Red Cross Knights (regular melee unit) have lighter and better animations!
- When Main Gate, City Gate, and South Wall have been destroyed, all Levitators will be activated for the rest of the game. And enemy Renegade and Murk Terror (Phantom riders) spawn will be closer into the City.
- Minor changes to buildings in the map
- Excalibur The Righteous now have lowered Smite and Bane of Arthropods enchantment level. (30->20)
- Excellence Certificates have much clearer textures now.

- NEW WEAPON TYPE: Throwing Knives
Knives that can be thrown to deal ranged damage! This unique weapon type uses your Attack Speed to determine how fast you can throw each knife. Each throw also consumes mana for balance reasons. There are 4 different knives to try out!
Bows: Red Scout, Longbow, Bravery, Quinn's Regalia, and Lordsworn Bow
- NEW ALLY UNIT: Heavy Knights!
A specialized Red Cross Knight that wields a hammer and a shield! They deal AoE damage in each attack, and are more durable than their boring sword-wielding counterpart!
- Bulletin Board and Statistics!
When clicked on, displays stats of the Latest Protectors of Myrunir game, the best records, and YOUR personal statistics.
- 13 New Amulets!
- All existing amulets have their prices lowered.
- Some VFX additions.
- Magus Armorer now sell Bundles for 10 Emeralds each.

- "The Old Tyrant" targeting invulnerable allies.

v 1.2 -> 1.3

Now your primary objective is to defend the Bunker Gate (No longer the Church).
It is located deep in the city. The gate pops out of Aldera mountain's hill. The HP is still the same.

- More towers to put mages on, and an additional Pylon in front of the Bunker Gate had been added.
- Now you start with an activated Pylon near the Bunker Gate.
- NPC 3D model performance improvements and new animations.
- Building improvements.
- 2 new soundtracks

- No bugs fixed this time.

v 1.2 -> 1.2.1

- MOST SKILLS ARE NOW LOCKED FROM THE START. They will unlock each time you clear a wave. Advanced Skills unlock after clearing wave 4, and Mystic/Masterful skills unlock after clearing wave 9.
- Starting items are greatly reduced, all players now start with 5 Acknowledgements only.
- The first 5 waves of the game will give more rewards. The rewards will accumulate as many as the old starting items.
- Minor Datapack performance improvements

- More tips around the shops to help new players figure out what to buy.

- No bugs fixed this time.

Map Details

Map Creator: JekNJok
(48 votes)
Map Version: v1.4.3
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2
File Size: 49 MB
Date Added: 2022-02-15
Downloads: 7,619
Map Category: PvE Maps

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