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A Starborne Mission v1.0 - 2022-12-01
Panoris High: Reborn v1.19 - 2022-12-01

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Fight the Zombies: Endgame Vol.2

Created by LPMC2

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This game, was originally in and It was created since 2019-5-25. But then, as it was too laggy to play and it ruins the experience for player, I have made a better and improved version of this game using Function.


This Map is made with full of Datapacks, some are with the Help the following Youtubers(Their Datapack is super useful):

  • BlueCommander
  • Timber Forge
  • Cloud Wolf
  • The Data Saving Feature(Not a Youtuber Name, I don't remember the actual name)


  • Classic Mode - (With a Rebuild Map)

Find buttons(It can be anywhere) and get guns to defeat enemies

  • Zombie Apocalypse - (With a Rebuild Map)

Kill Enemies, Open various Areas, Buy weapons and Survive for 100 Waves

  • Cave mode(Remade into 2x1 Area map)

Almost the same as Classic Mode, but with Map Guide and Smaller Area to Move

  • Boss Fight Mobs and Map

8 Different Bosses you can fight for, from Newbie to Insane(The last two bosses is something special)

  • Tutorial Mode 

It is REALLY small but I think the explaination is enough

  • Zombie ApocalypsePlane Crash

Find loot in Chests, search for Signal Pistol and Get out of the Area

  • Block Defender

Build your defense in a Locked Area, then kill All enemies using your own way, and Buy items/armory/tools with your rewarded Xp

  • ColSkyBlock

Although ColSkyblock haven't much detailed in it (There is a HUGE gap between early-game & end-game) and it dosen't have a final boss, the Modified Wither II(Various) was already super hard to defeat and all of them provide a Unique ability(WIth UNIQUE rewards).

Feature of ColSkyBlock:

Reforge System:

A System where you can Enhance your Weapons and Armors(Vanilla Included, but you need something...) to become More Powerful then Before

Apply: Drop the reforge it on the ground with Weapons/Tools/Armor to Apply it.

Some of them provide basic attitude modifier, while some of them provide Special ability like Crit Hit: Deal 50% More damage on 4nd hit.

The item which the reforge was applied will not change or edit it's name, but you can see the reforge description in the Lore of the item.

Obtain: Mobs Loot/Advancement(Collection) Reward


Basically generate items(Not spawning items)/mobs, currently only a few of it, but there may be more in the future. They will have a limit of 5 placed in all area.


This gamemode is all about collection,  AND it is actually a Advancement where it is awarded after doing certain things, but some of them isn't that easy to obtain. THAT'S ALL

Note: Currently, you cannot see the process(I mean the total count of each collection), but you will be notified once you have reached it.

Another Note: Most Swords/Bows have its own unique texture to be easier to identify

Saving Feature(Singleplayer Only):

You can leave this gamemode at ANYTIME, you just need to use this command /trigger sbmenu set 1 or a Book that is inside the Box.

The items will be stored and you will regain it once you are back to it.

The one who is the closest to that Sign will access to it(Multiplayer)

Mobs Modifier:

Some mobs will have 1-2 Modifier while some of them will gain extra Unique Abilities. They will be applied once you reached certain Collecion.

Also, some mobs will have a chance like 5-10% chance to become something kinda different...

End of ColSkyBlock.

New system to All modes: Stamina

Players will get tired if they sprint/Jump after Sprint for quite some time and will get slower overtime. If the bar reaches the left side, you will not be able to jump & runs Very slowly. And eventually, getting hurt.


  1. Don't Switch Gamemode or Cheat(You don't want to Ruin the game, right?)
  2. Don't use any other Resourcepack if you can
  3. Render Distance: 15(Because of some Gamemodes still requires Command Block)
  4. Don't change or edit of any files in the Map's Folder
  5. Brightness Setting: Whatever you want
  6. Suggest Singleplayer to play(If you want Multiplayer, most gamemodes support it Except ColSkyBlock)

Guns List(Right Click to use & Sneak to Reload):

  1. Pistol(It has a 3D texture)
  2. Fn-scar
  3. Assault Shotgun(Piercing, Very Short Range)
  4. Laser Power(Piercing)
  5. M16A4(Shoots 3 Bullet per use)
  6. Heavy Machine Gun
  7. Flamethrower(Kinda of too OP)
  8. Mini-gun(1 Bullet per tick)
  9. Triple Ka-Boom(3 Bullet with explosives)
  10. 10. Uzi(1 Bullet per 2 Ticks)
  11. Sniper Rifle
  12. Old Rifle
  13. Healing Rifle
  14. Prototype(Wall Break)
  15. Revolver
  16. Grenade Launcher
  17. Fire Thrower(Not the same as Flamethrower)
  18. Gravitional Gun(Pulls enemies together and explode)
  19. Squid Chiller
  20. RPG
  21. Zapper Thrower(stuns enemies)
  22. Signal Pistol(Only in Zombie Apocalypse: Plane Crash Mode)


Easy: Double the player's Health, enemies have less damage

Normal: Default, the game will always change back to this when death

Hard: Half the player's Health, enemies have more damage

Map Video



2022-03-01 - Map Released.


Here comes the new update!

After an whole month, I finally completed with the new update. Here's the info:

New Gamemode: Tower Protector

Place your tower/turret with given xp and try to defend waves of lined up enemies!

You can also use given Guns to assist and gain Xp.(Limited Ammo)

- 20 Waves in total
- Fastest Way to get Coins
- 13 Upgradeable Towers/Turrets in Total, from 500 to 20000Xp
- Max 30 Towers/Turrets Placed


- For each kill/mine/craft/fish to repective collection, you will now notice a message in the actionbar
- Fixed a problem where slime/magma cubes doesn't count towards collection & being displayed incorrectly

Upcoming feature

Completely Custom gamemode:

Custom Mobs, Weapons/Armor(No guns, maybe),  Gamemode, gamerules, Abilities? and more!

Map Details

Map Creator: LPMC2
(45 votes)
Map Version: v1.5
Minecraft Version: 1.18.1 (Java)
File Size: 24 MB
Date Added: 2022-03-01
Downloads: 5,579
Map Category: PvE Maps

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