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Unfair Skyblock

Created by reftupine

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Hey! Have you ever played skyblock? Have you already raged while playing it? If the answer is "no", now its your chance!

This map is a unfair map, not a real skyblock, so your objective is not surviving at all.
Remember, its an unfair map so if you rage quit, its not my fault!

After playing the map, if you enjoy it, remember that i have a  Youtube Channel that you can subscribe to! There i'll be showcasing my new maps for Minecraft Java Edition!
If after playing the map, you hate it, tell me why! I wanna know so i can do better in the future!

Thx and have fun with the map (or not)! 


Map Details

Creator: reftupine
(77 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 6.8 MB
Added: 2019-02-05
Downloads: 7,877
Category: Puzzle Maps


melorum This is great map, but several times i had to uninstall it because map was bugged. Why author didn't make button, which can start map over.

Sorry for my bad English, i am not a native speaker :d

2019-05-19 15:46

snakemasterepic The map looks good, but it is too easy to break the map. I believe that it is partly due to the map being set in survival mode instead of adventure mode. I survived the anvils by breaking the armor stand at the beginning and then equipping its armor. From there, because I had the rest of the wood from the tree, I was able to break the glass walls of the trap room and escape to the top and then bridge my way over to the finish room.

2019-02-08 07:30


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