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Unfair Netherite

Created by TheAssassin

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Map Info

Unfair Netherite is super unfair, and is very hard to beat.

Takes about 25 minutes to 45 minutes on average to finish.

This map has been tested in singleplayer.

IF YOU ARE PLAYING ON A SERVER YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE REQUIRED RESOURCE PACK OR ALL THE TEXTURES WILL BE WRONG, RESOURCE PACK DOWNLOAD HERE (I had to put this in caps because some people keep asking me why their textures were broken smh)

Rules & Info

  • Please stay in Adventure Mode.
  • Play in 1.16.5.
  • If playing on a server, make sure to have command blocks enabled, or the map will not work. (If the map does not work with command blocks enabled, type /reload in the chat and it should say that the commands loaded. If it still does not work, type /function netherite:fix in the chat).
  • If you are playing on a server, you MUST download the resource pack here.
  • If you are stuck, do not cheat ! Just watch the walkthrough here.
  • If you are recording please credit me in your video description with my YouTube channel.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel

Have fun!

This map is inspired by the maps made by TheHappyWheels1 and NicoThePro


Map Details

Creator: TheAssassin
(29 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 1 MB
Added: 2021-07-03
Downloads: 1,323
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 FortniteMan42069 Do not play this unless you trust your friends

2021-07-23 18:52

0 tinman770077 Very confusing, but I can't complain, the map was made to frustrate, so fair enough. I got trolled by the texture pack a few times, kind of funny to be honest. Puzzles make you think outside the box. A good looking map and a good experience.

2021-07-19 13:58

+1 lollieJasminne map was pretty good! there is nothing for judging this map. if you have questions about this map here is some answer which you can ask

1) Is the map is short or long?

map is a short map, it has like 5 levels i think (i dont remember) but the levels are like so hard and slove it to finish so it feels like you are playing 10 levels

3) is there any bug or mistake in this map?

there is no any mistake like placing a block to wrong place is etc. and i havent seen any bug but if there is a bug on ur game about that map, its prob. not this games problem

thanks for reading

2021-07-04 11:04


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