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Unfair Copper

Created by Vacancy_In_Space

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Map Info

This is Unfair Copper, be prepared to rage.


Don't cheat, Don't turn off the texture pack that comes with the download, Make sure you have the default Minecraft texture pack already applied, And try to have fun somehow

This is my second map, my first being Framed! Prison Escape (I changed my username).

Good Luck! (You'll need it)

This map is intended for Singleplayer, but Multiplayer has not been tested.

Stuck? How to Beat the Map:


Open the fake chest Avoid the pitfall, and go to the gold block Right click on the gold block, and go down Open the door to the left of the troll button, and press the real button Go up, open the chest, grab the shears and find the armour stand, jump on it, and go into the next stage.

Open your inventory, grab the honeycomb, and wax the "dying copper block". Go on top of the copper block, jump onto the tree, and press the button 2 times EXACTLY. Run towards the next stage, and keep going forwards until it says "nope" in the chat, go to the left of the 2nd stage, and go through into the 3rd stage.

Stay along the wall, and go left, past the exit, until a room opens up, go in there, press the button, and go through the exit, staying next to the wall.

Go through the door that is labelled "No", (remember the retextured door from Level 1?), be careful of the pitfall, break the glass with the shears, press the button.


Map Details

Creator: Vacancy_In_Space
(25 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 3.7 MB
Added: 2021-08-21
Downloads: 1,286
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 gamer reaper i like unfair maps and in the newest version which is perfect

2021-09-22 06:39

+2 Name uh goign through the door labelled No kills me, all the doors do

2021-09-05 18:11

-1 Me I wanna get Skeppy to do this-

2021-08-29 08:26


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