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Unfair Bamboo

Created by Ignelis

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Map Info

Get ready to be bamboo'ed! Are you ready for a brand new Unfair Map? This map, retextured to make game even more interesting!

Check out the map's trailer!

If you're stuck or if you want to check how I speedrun this map, you can check it here!

This map is ONLY for singleplayer. Multiplayer will ruin the map.

Also big thanks to all the YouTubers that played my maps. If you recorded this map, don't be shy and share it in the comments! I would love to see it!


Map Details

Creator: Ignelis
(22 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 5.7 MB
Added: 2021-04-25
Downloads: 1,546
Category: Puzzle Maps


+2 AmirKak√° Just recorded a video on this! a really cool and creative map! Absolutely enjoyed it, here's my vid btw: https://youtu.be/4yiGdFrgvo8

2021-04-27 00:24


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