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The Tiny Box II - The Second Sepulchre

Created by nusrachel

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Map Info

Welcome to The Tiny Box 2: The Second Sepulchre!

This is the sequel to my first map: The Tiny Box.

You've decided to return to this white labyrinth in order to save a friend.

This is a story-driven single-player map, with some puzzles thrown into the mix, which can be completed in less than an hour.

This map contains:

  • Some custom textures;
  • A dozen of puzzle rooms;
  • A feature that autosaves your progress;
  • Also a reset button;
  • A friend.

This is a single-player map; it won't work with more than one player.

If you have any feedback or a link to your playthrough to provide, please comment on the map's Planet Minecraft page; I'll have a better chance at seeing it there than here! :)


Map Details

Creator: nusrachel
(59 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 4.5 MB
Added: 2020-05-12
Downloads: 2,844
Category: Puzzle Maps


+2 blooooooooooooooky Great story & puzzle map!The Resource pack is really shocked me!But i stuck on stage 16(or17?) cuz my bad computer ;)

2020-05-18 02:23

+1 blooooooooooooooky Quoting Roqqu:
Great map, love it.
I'm stuck on crafting level, I crafted glowstone-light block and I don't see anything to do, haha!
Love your maps, keep making them!

You just need to craft a golden carrot and cover it by the glowstone dust!You can use only the carrot stick on your offhand to make a carrot,then use the golden nugget to craft a golden carrot!Hope it helps!

2020-05-18 02:19

+2 littlehacker I have no words to explain how wonderful this map is, especially the story.i am amazed by ur imagination, this map was one of the best ones i have played, looking forward 2 ur next map!
PS:this map is really awesome(i couldn't help saying it again LOL ;P )

2020-05-15 16:05

0 Fiddlefurg The whole map was great, pretty hard but not too hard, overall great map! could be bigger, could be more challenging, but still pretty great. i was stumped when there was all the signs saying to leave until i read lectern. i love the idea of making the player leave before he can go to the next level. once again, great map!

2020-05-15 11:49

+15 bananas Cant get past holding my breath section, right after the game lags pretty bad and I can't get out of it, Idk if it's just my computer tho

2020-05-15 04:15

+7 Brandy Could get the 'flatten the broken pipe' thing to work, clicked it about 1000 different ways.

2020-05-15 00:58

+1 Roqqu Great map, love it.
I'm stuck on crafting level, I crafted glowstone-light block and I don't see anything to do, haha!
Love your maps, keep making them!

2020-05-14 16:16

+2 cowboii i just finished the map, and i didn't turn off the custom music pack i had, so the music in the end started playing frozen's show yourself. haha! still my bad! great map! i don't know how you do it, but it's awesome!

2020-05-13 09:45

+2 grizlycody Nice one man, some really cool mechanics and great story! The part where you had to leave the game still boggles my brain XD I have no idea how you did that

2020-05-12 19:11


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