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The Time Crystal

Created by RaymanM2

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Map Info:
This a puzzle adventure map for one or more players.

You (and maybe your friends) take on a journey to find the Time Crystal. You will encounter elemental temples (Lava Temple, Ice Temple etc.), a few parkours, lots of puzzles and even puzzles within puzzles, within puzzles, most of the temples are just giant puzzles.

This map does not require any resource packs, nor any mods. Best played by 2 players.

Update v1.1:
Added hints/descriptions to every puzzle.
Added a reset button to the piston puzzle.

Map Details

Creator: RaymanM2
(7 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8.7
Size: 62 MB
Added: 2015-07-28
Downloads: 5,956
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 Joyfulmonkey This puzzle map was very challenging, but it just didn't stand out to me... Like how Donut_wizard1 said, maybe each puzzle could've at least had a little description. Take the quartz maze with the pistons and redstone torches for example, we had no clue what to do, we just knew that it could only be placed on stone. We were quite confused and ended up going into Survival Mode and breaking some glass because there was no description for this puzzle. Interesting story, but not a very interesting map.

2015-08-17 02:24

0 RaymanM2 Usually to get rid of the wither effect you have to find a pressure plate. It could be a bug that i havent noticed. Where exactly are you stuck?

2015-08-16 21:21

0 TheSilliest Me and my brother are playing this map and the wither effect keeps killing us. Any advice?

2015-08-14 23:52

0 RaymanM2 About the piston puzzle, im really sorry but that puzzle is kinda buggy if you got stuck change to gamemode 1 and fly up.
Donut_wizard1 could you say which puzzles need a description, because the story tells you what you have to do.
Thanks for the feedback.

2015-07-30 08:36

0 Anonymous I got stuck on the piston puzzle and can't figure out how to do it, anyone have any advice

2015-07-30 04:11

+2 Donut_wizard1 This map has a lot of potential, but without any descriptions for the puzzles, it's nearly unplayable. From a game designer's perspective, you don't want to treat your players like idiots, but at the same time you don't want them to be flying blind. Take Portal for example; The very beginning of the game shows the player exactly how the Portals work. If they had just handed you the portal gun and said go, players would be confused and disinterested.

2015-07-29 21:46


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