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The Stupidly Complex Redstone Puzzle

Created by PigOlympus/KingFranLord

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This an as it states a stupidly complex redstone puzzle.

This map was inspired by the redstone predicament a map by mase_g.

This map was made for 2 players but you can have as many as you want the world is your oyster.

And make sure you get a headache.

Welcome to Pigolympus labs where you InsertNameHere have been chosen to try out our newest attraction.

This attraction includes headaches redstone, llamas, a maze, and an amazing ending that is sure to amaze you and make you jump for joy at your accomplishment.

Oh and there are rules of course:

  • 1. Play in peaceful mode
  • 2. Must play in adventure mode or else the map isnt playable
  • 3. Have fun
  • 4. Erase rule

Hope you have fun

- PigOlympus & KingFranLord.


Map Details

Creator: PigOlympus/KingFranLord
(78 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.13 MB
Added: 2017-12-08
Downloads: 4,487
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 Maur The hardest part about this map was the parkour. And it was easy.

The puzzles are trivial yet dull - the same concept repeated over and over again. If you have a basic understanding of how locked repeaters work, you will finish this map in under 10 minutes.

2021-07-03 08:39

+1 Yonatan "Stupidly Complex"? Maybe stupidly easy

2018-05-26 14:46

+15 CatCreamYT This is how I rate maps
Uniqueness - 5 | No Bugs - 10 | Experience - 25 | Time Took - 15 | Difficulty - 10 | Leading Type of map - 5 | Detail - 5 | Progression - 15 | Replay Value - 5 | Length - 5

Using This, I rate the map 7.1/10. Here are my reasons

First off, I love this map. It was very thought out and had quite a good idea. Although i liked it and was executed perfectly, the puzzles were WAY to easy. It may be harder for some, but i was able to complete this map in under 7 minutes. Most of he puzzles were simply just a "do this small task to contribute to the larger task". There was not much challenge. This may be fun for some people who dont have much knowledge of redstone, but the puzzles seemed too basic to solve.

Either way this map was really fun to play. I hope you make more maps in the future!

2017-12-09 22:12


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