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Created by fumbled

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Puzzled is a MineCraft challenge map with 3 different challenges, Riddles, Parkour, and Trivia.

Inside of Riddles, there are 5 stages you have to complete, Parkour has 10 stages, leading from easy to a more hard difficulty, at least for most players.

Lastly, Trivia is a 5 stage course that asks you MineCraft based questions, example: When was Notch born? (not one of the real questions inside the map.)

If you complete all 3 challenges, you are more than welcome to do whatever you'd like after, if you want to reset and play again, you can just click the reset button.

Have fun. Thanks to: Sigmero, hopee for testing out this map.

Map Details

Creator: fumbled
(21 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 581 KB
Added: 2018-03-24
Downloads: 826
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 disappointed... Forgot to mention, turn off the gamerule commandblockout put (or something) because it's a bit annoying with it on.

2018-03-25 03:04

0 disappointed... Map was disappointing, the parkour checkpoints sometimes broke and trivia was a bit too easy (some questions were well-known) and it was short. When I was tp'd to the button to light up the lamp i couldn't move and when I tp'd myself up my screen was glitching which was fixed by /kill. Lastly when I finally finished it I was expecting a congratulations or something like that but it never came, a bit disappointing on it's own. Doesn't look like you tested it properly, try to fix these mistakes for your next map/version.

2018-03-25 03:02


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