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The Present Factory

Created by QwertyuiopThePie

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Map Info

This map is designed to be a mixture of Infinifactory and Human Resource Machine. Your goal is to arrange blocks on a factory floor in such a way that you turn a series of inputs (stacks of presents) into a desired series of outputs. For instance, you might have a system that only sends presents to the output if they are larger than the previous stack, or one that only sends the largest stack of presents.

There are a set of 20 puzzles of more-or-less increasing difficulty, starting at the absolutely easy first puzzle and ending at the fiendishly difficult twentieth puzzle, with some varying difficulty levels in between.

Should any puzzles prove too difficult for you, there is a built-in hint system which will provide you two hints per puzzle, as well as a free solution if one is required. There's no shame in using a free solution. This can be an extremely challenging map.

This is kind of a sequel to my other map called Santa's Workshop.

Multiplayer Info

The map is designed for singleplayer, but it will work in multiplayer. If you are using it in multiplayer, you will need to add the resource pack to server.properties, or have each user download it manually if that doesn't work for whatever reason:


As usual, make sure that command blocks are enabled. Players can join at any time.

YouTube Credit Info

If you are recording this for YouTube, please leave credit somewhere in your description. I'm not particularly picky about the format, but this is the general information:

Map Download: http://bit.ly/PresentFactoryForumPost
Map Creator: QwertyuiopThePie
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Temporarily9

Contact Info

If you want to contact me (to say you enjoyed the map, request additional puzzles, report bugs, whatever really), the best method would probably be my Twitter.

You can go to my YouTube Channel if you want, but it is currently in a state of sad disuse.

I also sometimes stream mapmaking on Twitch, but I haven't been doing it lately due to internet problems.

Full Credits

Gotta give credit where credit is due. The map itself was built by me. The resource pack was designed by NateT_Bird, with some minor modifications by me. The general build was WiskeyWeasel, and some of the hints and bonus solutions were designed by Panda4994, RedstoneSpire, and redstarrer. Thanks also to my many testers. I can't remember all of their names, so I don't want to list them in case I forget any, but you know who you are.

Map Details

Creator: QwertyuiopThePie
(79 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 1.5 MB
Added: 2016-03-14
Downloads: 5,129
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 #YOLO WATS UP! Oh btw awesome map dude
I haven't'played any of your maps before but i think I should :P

2016-03-25 08:04

0 Techelon Really great map. I really liked puzzle 20; pretty difficult. I can't wait to go look at your other maps.

2016-03-23 02:55

0 Anonymouse This is an amazing sequel! Great job in improving a map that was already perfect! =P

2016-03-17 22:03

0 QwertyuiopThePie Quoting Help:
I can't seem to get the game started! I'm in the lobby with the employee handbook and the Simple conveyor. But, theres nothing else! Help??

There should be a sign on the wall saying "Press when all players are ready". Just press that and it'll start.

2016-03-17 08:09

-1 help the last problem is the wrong solution

2016-03-16 14:28

+2 Help I can't seem to get the game started! I'm in the lobby with the employee handbook and the Simple conveyor. But, theres nothing else! Help??

2016-03-15 08:52


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