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The Instrumental

Created by Pheonix

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Map Info

Welcome to The Instrumental v1.0

In this map there are 7 puzzle levels and a tutorial.

Drop your tool on a level to reset it.

Mauzer inspired me to make this map.

Good luck and have fun!


  • 1) Singleplayer only
  • 2) Don't cheat
  • 3) Stay on gamemode 2
  • 4) 1.10.2 version


Map Details

Creator: Pheonix
(90 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 401 KB
Added: 2016-10-27
Downloads: 2,927
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 Extremeguy How is level 4 possible??????

2016-11-07 07:09

0 CMShortboy Quoting RazerGamer:
How do I do lvl 4 its imposible????

On the outside ledge (on the right side), you have to jump and drop the wooden pressure plate (that you made with the wood inside the castle) onto the "hidden" gold weighted pressure plate. It's somewhat hard to explain, but you can always watch my playthrough video to get a more precise outcome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYIvbyROQ1A

2016-11-06 19:49

0 Master Quoting I know Right:
I am stuck on lvl 4! how??!!

You need to drop a prestneplate on the gold glock, that is behind the window where the right stear!!

2016-11-06 18:09

+1 Corley How to level five??

2016-11-06 00:28

+1 CMShortboy Fun map! Enjoy my playthrough here! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYIvbyROQ1A

2016-11-05 20:03

0 HITME123 How do lvl 4

2016-11-05 16:41

0 I know Right I am stuck on lvl 4! how??!!

2016-11-05 15:28

0 ABCbob121 Quoting RazerGamer:
How do I do lvl 4 its imposible????

the only way I thought is that you drop the blaze rod through the window but it doesn't let you so ;-;

can any tell us?

2016-11-05 10:51

0 Soundbyte Salutations!
I played this map while sleep deprived. I made it through all puzzles except #5. Stuck? Well so was I. Anyway, if you want to see my playthrough just follow this link: https://youtu.be/6C3iCOB9pJ0

Great job on the map puzzles, I thought it was well put together. Your redstone got me but overall I enjoyed the map.

2016-11-04 22:27

0 GamerGirlIcy Quoting cool_as_choco:
Im stuck on level 2 :(

just go through the door if you opened the chest in the pile of stones will troll you i mean all of us are already trolled cuz the door is a lie.

2016-11-04 09:19

0 RcExtract i am out of arena when playing level 2

2016-11-03 14:45

+1 cool_as_choco Im stuck on level 2 :(

2016-10-31 13:48

+6 RazerGamer How do I do lvl 4 its imposible????

2016-10-30 22:29


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