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Test Subject #306

Created by Chemicalmuffin

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Map Info:
This is my first puzzle map, it's a short and small one with a flat storyline for now. I'm new to redstone and map making in general so this was a learning process for me. Yet I'm quite proud of what I've created and I felt like sharing it (Even if it's only for feedback!)

You are taken by someone and they've erased your memory. They've got a backup though and you if you prove you're intelligent enough to live, they will 'give back' your memory. It's up to you to prove that!

As mentioned before it's a flat story line there's quite some time invested in the puzzles :)

Good luck and please let me know of any bugs or any feedback!

If you don't spawn in the correct place, type "/gamemode 1" and then type "/tp -743 21 -285" to teleport to the starting area.

Map Details

Creator: Chemicalmuffin
(3 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 1.78 MB
Added: 2013-12-09
Downloads: 34,763
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 hamsters Awesome map I loved it! I am a big fan of playing adventure maps and I think this is a pretty clever one!
Cool map!

2016-04-06 13:40

0 Dardonax Great map, I found it pretty easy, other than the parkour quads and jumps around the corner, but otherwise pretty cool. I also liked the part at the end. Very clever.

2015-04-26 02:58

-2 rockwolf24k Quoting Ben:
You do /say [name]: [text]

you can also rename the command block itself, that works too

2015-02-28 00:31

+2 Milygool is this like the maze runner? The Book

2014-12-13 22:16

0 Ben Quoting curious:
how did you add the names before each /say command. I'm making an adventure map and I need some info. Thanks. also I love the map

You do /say [name]: [text]

2014-10-30 04:34

+1 nusrachel Nice map. It's really well done for a first one.

Although it's pretty short and the story is a bit too simple (but that, I can't really complain, writing stories can be really hard), I enjoyed your map a lot. :)

2014-08-19 21:49

+2 DraycosDragon Hey there. Just a note to the creator. I tried out your map and recorded it in 2 parts. But when i started, there was no indication that there were hidden buttons or levers in the books. So I thought the redstone holding the pistons in place were above some of the chests weren't working. So please indicate next time that there's hidden triggers to get the gems. just saying.

Also, the puzzle with the sheep was too hard since the sheep wouldnt obey. so i had to cheat for that part. but the rest went well.

If you want to see my weekly minecraft uploads, the link to my YouTube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/user/mc360draycosdragon

Part 2 of the recording will be posted Monday

2014-07-25 19:31

+1 Chemicalmuffin Hey guys, Chemicalmuffin here.
Thanks for the nice replies. I'm glad you all enjoyed it.
Secondly I would like to thank you for the constructive feedback. I'll take that with me.

If there are any questions I would like to hear them. Mail me at since I don't check this page out very often!

2014-07-02 17:08

+2 maxminecraft281 Hey, this is a very well done map, although the fact that you can skip most of the puzzles bothers me. If you want, I can help you with the redstone of it. I'm not too bad and could help make this map better. E-mail me at to talk. I hope to hear from you!

2014-06-26 21:51

+2 curious how did you add the names before each /say command. I'm making an adventure map and I need some info. Thanks. also I love the map

2014-06-18 20:30

+5 Kate Hi guys!

I did a let's play of this map


Kate x

2014-06-16 17:36

+2 Henatator was there supposed to be a hole in the stained glass for the first puzzle?

2014-06-03 20:42

+6 Private_Pug Great map!!! Never would have known that was your first from the quality.

2014-05-02 00:25

+2 Carlos rox Awesome but was I supposed to throw the steak on the pressure plate at the end to win?

2014-04-29 09:04

+5 Nethrisa Great map, I would definitely continue learning about redstone, I see a lot of potential with you.

Tip: You can gamerule doDaylightCycle false and the time will not change, as well as use gamerule commandBlockOut put false to hide the commands, and you can set up a different type of clock for the weather clear system. Personally, the clock to change to morning was a bit jarring.

2014-04-02 16:00

+5 Testsubject This was pretty cool. My only problem was I was ready to rage quit with that parkour. Otherwise, a pretty darn good map for a beginner :)

2014-03-03 16:33

+5 raider04 I'm on the first puzzle and it says missing texture so now I'm kind of stuck cause I cant tell what im supposed to do any ideas?

2014-02-24 20:45

+6 nicopu AMAZING MAP!!! I like the clever twist at the end. You did a very good job, especially for your first time. The map mechanics was very well thought out :)

2014-02-17 18:56

+4 A_Person and btw, people saying they have 3 stacks and it says you didnt take it seriously, are you DROPPING the emeralds on the pressure plate?

2014-02-03 09:26

+7 Kerrnin AMAAAZING!! One thing I could recommend for a sequel is to replace the stained glass floors with regular glass floors that way connected textures will work with it. Otherwise it's great!

2014-01-05 18:34

+11 Aars_Mur Cool map dude And it was your 1st map! Dude if that was me I would be so proud of myself

2014-01-05 16:21

+9 PMBrilliance Great map mate. I can't believe it was your first try. Would definitely play lots more like it thanks.

2014-01-04 13:06

+5 Rachel AMAZING MAP!! That was great. Although I admit I cheated a bit on the parkour, that’s just because I suck at parkour. The rest of the map was excellent! I hope you make more maps in the future. The ending was amazingly clever! I only got the bottom 3 lights so I broke the door, and after I read the book I figured out what to do and did it correctly. That was a really sly move! I look forwards to your next map!

2013-12-29 17:17

+5 Dezeeh Best map Evvaaaahh :D

2013-12-27 16:34

+5 Jeremi_jones I love this map its awesome but a bit small

2013-12-23 11:24

-5 Daniel Stuck on second puzzle! HELP!

2013-12-22 15:15

0 radul009 On the first puzzle no water was there!

2013-12-22 12:15

+6 Milo Dude that was the best map ive played even for a starter at redstone the map was awsome. I love this map you should post it on planet minecraft.

2013-12-22 12:13

+4 Hunterothir LOVE LOVE LOVE IT great map seriously though you are a genius I got all the emeralds and the parkour was hard enough for me to consider going creative! I eventually beat it though. Waiting for more maps from you!

2013-12-20 14:20

+4 torilori9 This has been my favorite puzzle map so far. I really enjoyed playing it. I hope you continue to expand on the map. I can't wait to see what you create next!!!

2013-12-15 00:45


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