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Team Escape

Created by warfcat

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Map Info:
In order to play this map, you must have 5 people. After 5 people are in their chambers, you will get teleported into a room. From there you must figure out how to escape. Throughout the course of this map, people will get trapped. When you get trapped somewhere, you cannot free yourself. You and your friends must work together and find a way out of every room. In the end, only 1 person will make it out!

If you die somewhere, and you respawn back at the spawn point, TP back to someone. No one is supposed to die and return back to the spawn point. However, if you get trapped somewhere, do not escape, your eliminated! So download and see if you can make it to the end! This map contains over 15 redstone puzzles!

Map Details

Creator: warfcat
(3 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 4.45 MB
Added: 2013-05-07
Downloads: 16,049
Category: Puzzle Maps


+2 GreenTatsu Me and my friends LOVE this map SOOOOOOO much!!! We kept on laughing and laughing! PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!!! PLEASE!!!

2014-01-03 13:37

+1 WarriorMan102 I would love the aspects of puzzles and competition put together, but we don't have 5 computers, so I can't play it. Is there any way to play it with less than 5 people?

2013-12-30 20:24

+2 Mr.Mister This is the best map ever! My friends and I played this and we were screaming and laughing! This map was awesome please make a sequel!! :D

2013-11-29 04:33

0 block_boy2 Quoting Willixson:
If you have pc I know what to do click on your bars (that show how good your connection is) down at the bottom right

or you can just click on the one with the 0's and click "join server"

2013-06-26 20:42

+3 Willixson If you have pc I know what to do click on your bars (that show how good your connection is) down at the bottom right

then click on "Open network and sharing center

then under connect or disconnect it should say "Wireless Network Connection (This is your router name here) click on that

then it should bring up another tab click details

Then find your IPv4 Address and it might start with 192.168 or something so take that number and replace it with the 0's then add everything after the colon for

Example: your IPv4 Address is so you open lan and it says something like
In direct connect your friend would put 46
(and you and your friend have to be connected to the same WIFI)

2013-06-19 02:00

+3 Some Guy This map seems cool, but I can't play with my friends for one reason:

EVERYTIME I open LAN, the address is always o.o.o.o:, and my friends can't log on to the LAN world

Is it just something wrong with my computer?

You can thumbs me down, but I just want to know the problem.

P.S. The map is cool

2013-06-18 03:47

+3 jack Hi guys

just wondering if you could turn off the auto gamemode A
i downloaded the map so i could play it with some mates but before that i wanted to have a play around with the map and test it out but when ever i changed my gamemode it always changed back. can you please put out a version of the map that doesn't keep you in adventure mode.

ps: love the map 10/10

2013-06-10 01:19


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