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Take Damage Challenge

Created by NoahsterNP

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Map Info

Welcome to the Take Damage Challenge. Gameplay is simple, all you need to do is take a tiny amount of damage, as little as 1hp, and your good to move on!

Move through the rooms killing yourself by potions, fall damage, and even planting a tree on yourself?! T

ry out all the fun ways you can die in the short fun map.

Can take as short as five minutes or as long as fifty.

Important Stuff

  • Singleplayer
  • Play in 1.11.2+
  • Cheating if needed
  • If recording for YT, give me (NoahsterNP) credit for map.



  • Fixed items in your inventory that were not supposed to be there.


Map Details

Creator: NoahsterNP
(138 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 773 KB
Added: 2017-03-03
Downloads: 12,696
Category: Puzzle Maps


+9 PaperRollNi Not a hard map, I enjoy it!


2017-04-22 00:23

+9 Instagator123 this map is very laggy for me. does anyone know why?

2017-03-18 19:01

+6 jollow250 yes this is a good puzzle map which isn't very easy except when you say "take some damage, easy right? wrong" it is still easy to understand what we are doing

2017-03-16 20:38

+7 MrMountainMan It does not clear your inv after each level so with the bow and arrow you can complete 4 levels not just 1

2017-03-11 17:01

+11 Qwerty6811 Nice job! Can you tell me how you got the low health? Also, you could have put the Curse of Binding enchant on the boots so you cannot remove them!

2017-03-11 17:01

+9 Colin1026 Quoting Billy Whizz:
In level 3 you can use the mule to kill yourself
Thats what I did

2017-03-08 00:43

+3 TommyTheHeist Well I manage to complete this map but I had to play it second time for... reasons... and I had encountered one bug. In the first level my bonemeal ended and sapling did not grew up.. And one more thing, items do not get removed in the next level which allowed me to use the same bow in other levels (did not do that btw). And yes, I made a video playing your map.. Link is below. P.S. The video is from me first time playing this map, not the second that I was talking about


2017-03-07 19:18

+3 David Placed a sapling on the first level. It wont grow. I cant pick it up. Only thing to do is /kill.
This is not a well made map if it begins with that puzzle.

2017-03-07 13:57

+5 THETRUCKMONKEY anytime i start the map it kills me

2017-03-05 00:49

+5 NinjaMaster909 Um...was I supposed to start with a bow, arrows, a sapling, and bonemeal?

2017-03-04 18:57

+5 Billy Whizz In level 3 you can use the mule to kill yourself

2017-03-04 16:58


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