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Puzzle To Death

Created by hgjjefe

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Map Info

There are 20 levels in this map. The objective of each level is to find the way to die.

Sounds easy, right? Not really. You will have to collect resources from the chest and figure out what to do with them. Then you may have to craft things and press buttons. Once you die, you will spawn in the next level.

There is guide in each level so if you are stuck, you can look at it. It is not the best guide so it may be a bit hard to understand.

Play in singleplayer only. Also play in normal made.

Have fun!


Map Details

Creator: hgjjefe
(36 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 7.4 MB
Added: 2019-07-27
Downloads: 4,186
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 Cruz this was the most broken and uninformative map I've ever played. 2/10

2019-08-05 02:53

+1 Lili Map was very fun once I was able to play it

2019-07-31 05:09

+2 Lili Had to redownload like three times before I actually got a map and I still think I spawned outside it

2019-07-31 04:46

+2 Brock Level 2 the dispenser wont dispence

2019-07-28 15:37

+2 Player I can't figure out how to break the snow blocks in puzzle 8 to get the snowballs out of them.
even the guide book skips over this information.

2019-07-28 00:06


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