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Piston Games

Created by Mickey722

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Map Info:
This is a puzzle map which requires you to use piston and sticky piston to solve levels through the whole map.


  • Please play in Minecraft 1.8.8
  • Do not use cheats except /time set day, /weather clear 24000.
  • Do not break any built objects.
  • If you have any problems (such as bugs, ideas for helping this map etc.), feel free to let me know!
  • Lastly, Have fun!

Map Details

Creator: Mickey722
(13 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 312 KB
Added: 2015-10-10
Downloads: 9,887
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 Mickey722 Hi guys! I uploaded a video of the full walkthrough of the map.
I see some of you did something that I didn't expected. So I put up a standard method!
Also someone who is stuck, this video may help you. :)

2016-02-02 09:29

+1 Craftophe10 So easy! But great Map! :D

2015-11-26 22:45

+1 abilitiguy This was so fun! One of the best maps ive been on

2015-11-12 07:55

+5 Cmon im stuck on the level when sign says : swich to survival mode. -.- . How should i change mode between adventure and survival?

2015-10-28 15:29

+2 AMAZING Amazing map bro my favourite one so far! Thanks a lot!

2015-10-27 15:41

0 FreeMotion I had fun playing it !
My gameplay :


2015-10-15 13:51

+8 nickonos im sorry but the map isnt really the best the concept is great but its a bit to simple maybe if you could make a bit more advanced it would be an awesome map but i still like the map i give it an 7 out of 10

2015-10-14 19:38

+2 CoolMapDude Hey i enjoyed this map so much :).
And can i ask question? Is this your first map?

Hey, this game just simple but challenging :D

2015-10-13 03:59

+2 lordwarble Perhaps hide the redstone more. Would make it more aesthetically pleasing

2015-10-12 22:30

+2 Lukam0s Hi there,
Just some feedback.
You could make the enviroment a little more appealing. And get more diffentiation in de puzzles.
I enjoyed it anyway :D

2015-10-11 15:13

+2 Mickey722 The /effect cheat is OK but it is better to not use it because there is parkour in some levels.

2015-10-11 04:04

+2 James Great map just finished it was very fun might recommend it to friends :-)

2015-10-11 03:45

-1 SorryDude Well this map is bad. I can't really explain what's my problem on this map. I give this 3/10 vote. Sorry

2015-10-11 03:02

+2 YarinPlayMC Can I Speed Run the Map in All% and Full Game?

2015-10-10 14:27


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