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One Way Prison Escape 2

Created by parad0x

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Map Info:
One Way Prison Escape is a prison escape map (As one would expect). The goal is to escape (Also obvious).

Note: You do not have to play the first map (One Way Prison Escape) before this one. This is simply a better version!

The prison includes: 20 cells, exercise yard, kitchen, dining hall, restroom, showers, wardens office, ventilation shafts, and more!

- Play on survival.
- Difficulty on peaceful.
- You may not break anything except cracked stone bricks.
- No placing blocks.
- No using cheats or hacks.
- Command blocks must be enabled if you are playing on multiplayer.
- You may only sleep in the beds in your cell.
- Have fun!

If you find any problems in the map, let me know! Did you make a lets play on the map? Post it in the comments below! Now go have fun escaping!

Map Details

Creator: parad0x
(8 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 256 KB
Added: 2013-12-07
Downloads: 21,958
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 Puppydog167 How do you get into the kitchen? lol I'm so bad at these things

2015-08-05 00:54

+2 nobody Great map. I had to kill Luke Castellan after I finished the map. Now I can rest in peace.

2015-03-21 11:16

+3 weakstersXD this map is very easy I just found the way out to the intorrogation room

2014-05-27 10:43

+3 geo1088 Great map. The turning on the water thing... didn't get that, I actually cheated, but that was great. I would never have thought to do that. Vents are tough, but duh everyone knows that, otherwise this is great. 9/10

2014-05-18 21:03


In the vent maze instead of wandering aimlessly, look for the vent that leads to the dining hall. Look at the direction chairs etc are facing and remember that the kitchen is to the left of the dining room. If you need more info..
Minecraft menu>open to Lan>cheats on>use the command /gamemode c

Hope this helped :)

2014-04-13 09:07

+3 TheFunmaker1000 This map is really not that hard. Just think logically and you'll be done in no time. I finished it in 15 - 30 minutes. This might help you out:
- Before you go in the airvent, open all the trapdoors you can see from inside the prison.
- Once you get into the kitchen, switch the levers down and start looking for water since you 'let the water running'.
- Think logically, look out for the broken bricks that you can crush with your pickaxe.

2014-01-17 17:06

+4 rpggame12356 Nice map! Good work!
I completed this map!

2014-01-16 12:33

+1 Duke of Gingers I really liked the map and unlike the others I had no problem to find my way in the ventilation shafts.
spoiler alert!!!
I opened all the trap doors that I could open outside the ventilation shafts and soon I found the trapdoor trapdoor to the kitchen.

2014-01-11 20:59

+1 Daniel So what is the lever in the electrical specialist's room supposed to do?

2013-12-31 00:17

-3 Someone how do you get into the electrical specialist office ;-;

2013-12-15 14:24

-3 creezo i got it you need to go to the kitchen then turn the levers down then go to the showers and 1 of them will be 2 space open and that will be the exit

2013-12-12 16:01

-5 parad0x Ok, since everyone seems to be having a lot of trouble with the vent maze, here is a spoiler screenshot of the maze without the roof. Remember, you are trying to get to a room that you cant get into normally: http://imgur.com/ihei6gb

2013-12-10 01:13

-4 prs1290 Let me just start by saying that I really enjoyed the beginning of the map. Everything looked good, the environment really fit, and I loved the attention to detail. However, this map has one gigantic flaw. The vent maze. I understand that you put a lot of time on the maze and I can see you tried very hard. However, the maze is too large. I get it, the vents are supposed to go to each individual room and heat/cool the area, its cool. The problem is that I spent WAY too long trying to find the end. I never found it. The vents for each room were misleading, as each one looked like my destination. With every direction, every block, and every dead end looking the same; I was lost in seconds. I even switched over to creative, broke all the walls to the maze,and covered all the false exits and I STILL could not find my destination. 3/10. This map has AMAZING potential. PLEASE fix the maze and you might get a perfect 10/10

2013-12-10 00:58

+5 KitKatCrystalxo Excellent map, i really enjoyed playing both maps in this series and i hope you'll make more!! My only criticism is that all the trap doors in the ventilation shaft were confusing... I could not work out where i was supposed to go so i ended up flipping to creative, finding the end and following the tunnels and red stone backwards to see what i missed. I think there should only be 1 or 2 trap doors to the kitchen area but of course this is just my opinion, other people may get it easier than i have :) Overall 7/10, congrats, after i worked out how to escape i re-downloaded and played again and it is a fab map.

2013-12-08 23:50


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