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Make Yourself Think

Created by Sp1kyPlay

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This is a puzzle map made for one player. If you are good, maybe you will be able to get through it.

Map 4 is very a difficult level. I did not do anymore, because the human brain might not be able to withstand such loads.

Good luck!

Map Details

Creator: Sp1kyPlay
(61 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9.2
Size: 350.84 KB
Added: 2016-05-13
Downloads: 4,412
Category: Puzzle Maps


Dilox it was rather short and the ending was kinda boring sorry. level 4 was the easiest for me i had more difficulty grabbing the 9th wheat. might i suggest fireworks at the end at least.

2016-05-27 01:22

LiterMC I have tried multiple times, but the "Start" button at the very beginning just doesn't work for me. I'm on 1.9.2.

2016-05-24 15:21

! Quoting Xander1111:
I have no idea what to do on level 3, i have got all the chests even the floating one, no idea what to do...

Throw all items on the purpur pillar block ;)

2016-05-23 15:55

Isaiah Sadly on level 3 there is a bug. I watched a video for the map, sorry I don't remember the link, and the person put the hoe, the seeds and the dirt together and got more wheat. I did so and nothing happened. Also after that I spawned some wheat for myself and I threw them together when they were supposed to give me a Hay Bale but that didn't work either.

2016-05-22 10:30

RuneChemist Great job! Enjoyed the puzzles!
Here's my playthrough:

2016-05-21 18:54

UnlikelyWaffle This map is unique in that it gives you an unexpectedly challenging experience. At first 4 levels seemed to be a fairly short and unsubstantial map. I was ready for it to take maybe 5 or 8 mins to complete. However, I didn't truly expect the last level.

The pacing is quite good. It keeps you moving toward a goal without hiding too much. You are always able to see the end goal, which at times can make it even more annoying if you can't get there on your own (*cough*Jumping to end level 3*cough*). It featured several mechanics which were honestly not entirely expected (but make sense once you realized they were there), such as the item tossing. It did make progression easier than having to use a crafting table, but it should have been made known that that was the intent (honestly you might have done just that, I might have missed it).

While there weren't any really special effects - visual or audible - to speak of, the overall build was nice. Each level was unique and didn't seem to just rehash the previous.

Overall, quite enjoyable. Solidly above average.

2016-05-21 05:21

maker tbh i didnt like this map so much. The final level didnt require thinking, you just had to find all the things with no lighting at all and i found that a bit disturbing

2016-05-20 13:30

Creeperhunter13 I'm a little disapointed... I was kinda exepecting more... These weren't that hard challenges, and the only thing i actually cheated with was getting another arrow because i used them all up to kill the Money stea- i mean villagers. It wasn't bad as adventure maps go, it was pretty good, and this seems like a first time type of map, so i can understand not actually having alot of stages, and having decent puzzles. I rate 7/10.

2016-05-17 19:30

Creeperhunter13 Reading like the first 5 comments and already regretting the download because this look like it's going to be hard...

2016-05-17 19:01

Eric I liked this map but there needs to be some kined of hint to throw things on to the ground

2016-05-17 02:07

lolman135 Quoting Roukicool:
looks fun but...
I'm stuck at level 2

you must dropped all that ingrediens behind wall and you get elytra,fly with that elytra under wall

2016-05-16 15:27

Jr Mintz Where is the second gold?

2016-05-16 03:14

Xander1111 I have no idea what to do on level 3, i have got all the chests even the floating one, no idea what to do...

2016-05-15 22:28

TYLET154 I can't get past level 4 and what does missingno mean?

2016-05-15 20:57

Zeph I liked it! :D
Here is my play through of it :)

2016-05-15 19:04

kittyyyyyy level 3: wth does missingno mean????

2016-05-15 18:46

Damndaniel For those stuck on level 2: throw the ingredients on the ground, you get an elytra. Right before the block and a half of space jump twice. You will kind of sink in to the ground and get to the other side

2016-05-15 13:05

FaZeZaX for the guys that are stuck at 2 youve gotta get the items that are on the wall so 2 leather 3 feathers and 1 bunny hide and throw them on the ground and a elytra will spawn

2016-05-15 10:51

bob Quoting Nicole:
Like many I am stuck on level 2. I have no clue what to do. :(

you don't needa crafting table drop the items on the floor together

2016-05-15 10:38

bob I'm stuck on lvl 3 I got all the chests but I don't know what to do next

2016-05-15 10:37

Cute for level 2 you need 3 fathers and 3 letter and one of the rabbit throw it under the block and it will give you elytra and you can fly under the block. :)

2016-05-15 06:16

Nicole Like many I am stuck on level 2. I have no clue what to do. :(

2016-05-15 02:41

ranger958 For those stuck on level two.
1. It is possible without cheating.
2. You do not need a crafting table.
3. Take a second look at the crafting recipe.

2016-05-15 01:24

Ediwin Wong This was an awesome map.I maganaged to complete level 4 with only using onec cheat.That is to fly up to see where is the wooden button

2016-05-14 13:50

Mr. Snowball I'm also stuck at level 2! Any hints? Like where a crafting table is?

*No, my last name is not Snowball. Snowball is my bird's name.

2016-05-14 10:56

ElectraMiner You can VERY easily get stuck at level 2 if you throw the items through to the side with the item frames (which seems like a possible option for how to win)

2016-05-14 02:51

Roukicool looks fun but...
I'm stuck at level 2

2016-05-14 00:12

Yaelassaf very fun map :) even though it was short

2016-05-13 18:41


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