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Lord of Gravitation 2

Created by Magitrop

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Do you want to be a God of Gravity? Do you want to control villagers' lives?

Do you want to change gravity? Then welcome to map... A feeling that I have already say it, hmm... Okay.

Do you remember my previous map Lord of Gravitation? Okay then, because it is Lord of Gravitation 2!

"What changed" - you will ask me, and I will answer: "You will control... blocks!" Yes, you can change gravity and move block and then place it. If you will make a mistake - you'll can break block with Ultra-Super-Mega Diamond Pickaxe!

Okay, now you know (quibble!) how (again!) to play this map. Let's start!

P.S.: I didn't use shaders when make screenshots, sorry


Map Details

Creator: Magitrop
(59 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 236 KB
Added: 2016-08-19
Downloads: 1,965
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 Roukicool I am not able to stand on the block

2016-08-21 22:06

0 Roukicool I dont understand the goal of the game.

2016-08-21 21:53

0 GreenMohawk Does not seem this map is complete. You only start with up and north plus you are in creative mode.

2016-08-21 14:53

0 ADFER The map is broken. I only have the directions north and up in my inventory as well as...command blocks...

2016-08-21 09:09

0 FankusKankus99 I start in creative mode... with things like a redstone block and command block in hotbar... are you sure that's what is supposed to happen?

2016-08-20 20:33

0 EpicOwner I really enjoyed the first map, but I started in creative in this map and I had cmdblocks and stuff so I felt like something's broken. Please fix it I enjoy your maps and hope you'll make more in the future!

2016-08-20 19:50

0 Myggmastaren the map is broken you start with a redstoneblock and a command,you also start in creative

2016-08-20 19:30

0 Moose This map doesn't work. It's set to summon armor stands and kill villagers.

2016-08-20 03:54


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