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Logical Element

Created by SebastianSA

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Use your sense for logic to clear these 30 levels (+bonus). It won't stop you, even if you've never seen or used redstone before. Everything is learned to you from the beginning. At the same time, non of this will be boring for you if you are a redstone master, because the logic-gates are teached in an all new way.

Each level contains some levers and some lights. The goal is to turn on all the lights in each level, but between the lights and the levers are a bunch of logic-gates, that all behave differently. The gates are sorted by color: Purple are NOT gates, and invert the signal. Blue are diodes, and will only allow the energy from one direction. Orange are AND-gates, and needs both of their inputs to be on, to give a signal, and Yellow are OR-gates, which will accept any input.

The bonus-room unlocks when you've learned the basics, and contains a bunch of fun stuff, and even a room filled with new types of gates if anyone would be interested in a second and bigger map.

Even though I know all the answers for each level, it still took me about 12-15 minutes to complete the map. It should take longer, when it's your first playthrough.


Update v1.1:
I discovered that most of my command blocks said "/tellraw SebastianSA" instead of "/tellraw @a" which caused a great confusion for me and the players, since a lot of messages were missing. I have fixed all the command blocks now.


Map Details

Creator: SebastianSA
(76 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 8.12 MB
Added: 2016-04-04
Downloads: 4,840
Category: Puzzle Maps


GnormPlays Loved this map, levels 1-24 were a breeze, but then 25 hit me like a ton of bricks wrapped inside a bag stuffed inside a metal barrel falling off a cliff. Loved the challenge! Currently uploading my Let's Play of it right now.

2016-05-01 20:21

kspsksps951 Absolutely awesome .Please make more

2016-04-26 06:48

Lixis This is by far, one of my favorite puzzle maps. It's so creative and unique - and fun. And it's logical, and easy to remember the pattern of the different redstone setups. I think this is something for everyone, because you learn through out the way, and you don't have to be a genius when it comes to redstone, which I really like.

2016-04-21 23:14

King Neb This game was awesome. The perfect logic puzzle

2016-04-14 20:56

Anon I like the map, but it reminds me a lot of a flash game by the same name...with the same concept...and the same level design. All it's missing is the catchy music. I would definitely like to see another map with some more difficult circuits.

2016-04-12 17:39

Mastercrafter898 This map is great. I kind of breezed through it but it was still a lot of fun. I'd like to see another but using more circuits in the main game like XOR and more advanced gates as such.

2016-04-09 14:37

SebastianSA Quoting Sebas4fun:
On level 25, on the third or gate from the lamp, it's not connected on the left side. Is it supposed to be that way?

That is very much on purpose yes, as a reminder that OR-gates only need one input to work, and so there could be 4 OR-gates in a row. I love to see peoples confusion though, for those who recorded their gameplay.

2016-04-09 08:50

Skyelre Whoooo! What an awesome puzzle map! Kinda took me longer than it should've, but it was really fun! The puzzles felt pretty easy until my brain got too tired and stopped focusing. Seems solving puzzles and commentating at the same time is too much for it! XD

Here's my video of the first 24 levels, if anyone wants to check it out.

2016-04-09 08:31

Sebas4fun On level 25, on the third or gate from the lamp, it's not connected on the left side. Is it supposed to be that way?

2016-04-08 21:18

p4ul910 This is a really cool map! After a while it gets very complex! ;)

2016-04-06 14:51

Epic_Cow_Cheese Wow! This map was super awesome. I especially loved the bonus levels, and I totally think you should make another map with the other gates.

I made a video, if you are interested in watching it:

-Epic_Cow_Cheese, The Mad Villager

2016-04-05 19:59

SebastianSA It seems like I'd have to make a second and much harder map afterall. Well that's a plus for all of us :D
The bonus levels were actually a way for me to present different layout ideas, to see if you would like the next map to be made in the same way as this one, or with hidden redstone and such. Please let me know, and I'll get started!

2016-04-05 14:31

mclover1246 Excellent map, and you don't use adf.ly either :D. A map just like Redstone Troubles, I liked this one better tho.

2016-04-05 13:21

Kami128 Quoting HappyGorilla:
This map was excellent, however all the levels were far to easy.

This map was definitely excellent. As far as being too easy, maybe it was, but for someone who only had a very basic understanding of the gates, this map helped to explain/define/ clarify the differences between the gates. I very much appreciated this map.

2016-04-05 07:46

Enderslayer456 Best map on this website 2016/17/18/19/2 0/21!

2016-04-05 02:30

Ruby This map was AWESOME. And i don't even like playing around with redstone either. this is a real cool map. on a scale of 1-10 ten being hardest and one being easy i would rate it a 5

2016-04-05 00:35

Samuelw9000 This was one of the best maps I've ever played. The Redstone was cool and the bonus levels. I especially liked the "Admin Mode" :D

2016-04-04 22:53

Zhlox This is actually a really good logic puzzle map, managed it in about half an hour :p

2016-04-04 19:38

HappyGorilla This map was excellent, however all the levels were far to easy.

2016-04-04 19:22


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