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Created by U-Crafting

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Map Info:
This map must be played with just one person, as some parts will not work with more!

What this map features:
- Puzzles, Riddles and some Parkour.
- 30 minutes of gameplay.
- Redstone and Command block use.

If anybody would like to make an LP of my map, I would love to watch it so let me know your channel in the description area of my channel!

Some inspiration from Slaimcraft.



Map Details

Creator: U-Crafting
(6 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 442 KB
Added: 2014-02-18
Downloads: 30,890
Category: Puzzle Maps


+2 StephenFlagg Loved this map. 10/10 and highly recommended. Playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ubaPMo2sFs

2015-04-12 18:38

+1 Guy Every time you clear my items, I say, 'Aww..' -- but really it's a very clean method for puzzle maps. Hadn't seen that before -- Bravo =D

2015-04-02 00:32

+1 SwagMaster That was probally the best map I've played!

Really good job on well... everything and I would highly recommend it to others. There were a few minor bugs but apart from that 10/10!

2015-04-01 01:55

+1 hioyu78 it was fun and well made, good job U-Crafting

2015-03-27 09:19

+1 SapphireRetta Loved it! Hope the video I made is worthy of this map. Nicely done!

2015-03-17 12:19

+1 Hannah Absolutely amazing my fave map so far
Where was Mr Piggy?:/ 0.0

2015-02-22 21:08

+2 8giraffe8 I love this map! Really creative. Some parts were hard, but I like challenges and i figured it out in the end. This was really fun, i'll definitely recommend this to my friends :D

2015-02-17 16:29

+1 James Loved it. Only concern is that it is truly unplayable in adventure mode :P So I had to switch constantly to survival.

Please watch

2015-02-05 08:10

+2 Cubin55 Thanks so much for making this map. I had a great time playing through it. Not sure where the pig was... O.o

2014-12-30 04:11

+1 Savy It doesn't seem to want to let me place anything, U-Crafting if you see this please fix. Otherwise, great details, looks amazing, and if only I could place things!

2014-12-23 16:43

+1 Samantha Glanville Goodness I have to get better at these maps. You know its a good one when you cant get past level two lol

2014-11-24 21:55

+2 Finngirl Great map
One of the best I have played

Spoiler alert

I escaped all of the deaths

2014-08-07 18:15

+3 Grovfu Wow! Awesome map! The only problem is that you might want to tell people to hold onto the fish until they catch all five. Otherwise, they'll de-spawn by the time you catch your last one.

2014-07-25 05:47

+2 RoyalPantaloons This was a really awesome map great job. I would love to see more though.

2014-06-16 23:52

+2 Dana Dunkan It was epic! i loved it! i got stuck a few times though...
I recorded all of it! Please watch it
my channel name is Dana Dunkan

2014-06-10 06:40

-2 amberchick Quoting jhoff01:
Great job! It was one of the best maps I've ever played!
P.S. I survived the anvil death xD

I had TMI (too many items) and I died all deaths =)

Great map 10/10

2014-06-02 22:12

-8 Rebel_Guy Hey guys, I have done a Let's Play on this map, check it out if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9_9lPGZWTM&feature=youtu.be

2014-05-01 20:57

+3 alvin20 i really enjoyed this map. Thumbs up :D

2014-04-15 19:23

-12 popfizz72 Note really good map but at points in adventure mode I couldn't place blocks.
You may want to work on that, if its a bug

2014-04-11 21:51

-6 Zero Quoting Bigus pigus:
Great map but I'm sure you copied some things like the cobweb water chest puzzle and the biome code thing from the iron rose by slaimcraft

Its say that he takes some inspiration from Slaimcraft...

2014-04-07 21:57

+2 Halterer Wow! Great map! There was only one problem...

I played this on April Fools, 2014. The villager update. Need I say more?

2014-04-01 16:45

+1 jhoff01 Great job! It was one of the best maps I've ever played!
P.S. I survived the anvil death xD

2014-03-30 20:07

0 Anonyomous This was a very challenging map, but at the same time it was very fun.

2014-03-30 09:40

-2 tewdin This map is AWESOME. I really really loved it. Thanks. I made a video series of it too. Check out my let's play: youtu.be/5mOMj- L1r4g. Finnish commentary.

2014-03-21 07:11

-8 LOls I beat it in 6 min. no cheats

2014-03-19 23:39

-1 Karkzor Hello everyone. This map is great!
I've made also a let's play on it. Hope you can check it out!

Link: http://youtu.be/Z8wdQx8ErDU

2014-03-18 10:08

-1 willy94bts This was a great adventure map to LP. The biome room was well done I loved all the puzzles. Only problem I had with it was that the fish catching took way too long in that pool, but other then that great map.

PS: Please do more maps like this, it was very entertaining!

LP part 1: http://youtu.be/Dea6LTmqCJU

2014-03-11 09:59

-1 Cromman2 Good map!
My gameplay about this map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEvkd0xBpHs

2014-03-10 19:29

0 TheEndyGamer Hi i played your map and uploaded it to youtube http://youtu.be/3zG5NPzgtwA it was great and the challenges were well made! :D

2014-03-08 10:14

-3 dharer Quoting Anonymous:
How do you do like the biome room??? I don't get it? But so far, the map is awesome!

Look at the begining of the words in each group (Or check my LP - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BetBC2_fsI&list=UUJ-3SV-3vF_MXtv6M0ACupA&feature=c4-overview)

2014-03-04 20:30


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