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Created by RedMagician

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Map Info:
Ignorant is a Minecraft Custom Puzzle Map that will test your abilities to think wisely and to solve puzzles. Its name derives from the payer being unknown what to expect from the puzzles.

Some of the puzzles interfere with each other and may seem to cause impossible situations, but trust me. All is possible.

The Spawn Area is at -934 57 -741.

Stuck? No problem, I'll try and hint you guys in the right direction.

Good Luck!

Have Fun!



Map Details

Creator: RedMagician
(6 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.4
Size: 536 KB
Added: 2015-08-27
Downloads: 8,150
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 JAmmers How do you get past the yellow room?!?!

2016-02-17 02:21

0 RAZ369 Quoting Kat2kitty:
I found the QR code, now what?

Scan it! (With a QR-reader app you can download on your smartphone.)

2016-01-17 09:40

0 RAZ369 Quoting Michael:
the 2 lamps turned into lanterns but nothing happened

You must do it with all the lamps.

2016-01-17 09:38

+1 happy how do you get past the red room? ):

2016-01-04 00:27

0 Choso I get to the pink room.How do i get pass it when i dont see or cant see any crafting table ????

2015-12-14 04:53

+1 Dang it I found the chests in the orange room, but I can't find the button that let's you go to the next room. How do I do it???

2015-11-13 02:10

+1 whaaaaaat??? How do I do the orange room?

2015-11-12 13:57

+3 science What is the path I take for the maze in the orange room?

2015-10-17 01:00

+5 BlacKApple00 I m stuck in the hall with all the ice and the leaping potions...

2015-10-15 20:13

+3 LovelyApples For the green room you have to push down all the levers and then stomp on the middle "Stage" for those who are stuck.

2015-10-14 23:10

+3 Indy120 how do you get passed the green room because ive done everything and i cant get passed it

2015-10-12 17:28

+2 mario137 Quoting TheWackersKian:
I am throwing potions at the redstone lamp and it is not doing anything please help.

probably you are using another version of minecraft, you have to see in what version the map was made, use 1.8.4 and it will change.

2015-09-22 19:14

+1 alex GREEN SOLUTION: im not sure how (sorry) but the middle 'stage' will open, (i got jump scared by the elder gaurdian) and inside is the orange button. I did push all the buttons and levers but i dont know if that made it open or not

2015-09-19 07:30

+1 Michael the 2 lamps turned into lanterns but nothing happened

2015-09-15 16:46

+1 sarah i had so many problems with items and item frames disappearing i couldn't complete the map.

2015-09-15 02:18

+3 Prof_Walrus how do i beat the green room it nothing is working!

2015-09-14 20:40

+1 TheWackersKian I am throwing potions at the redstone lamp and it is not doing anything please help.

2015-09-12 12:27

+1 Cameo22 green room does nothing. i've pressed everything and nothing happens

2015-09-12 12:26

+1 Djinn_v1 Quoting Djinn_v1:
That didn't work for me...

Never mind, but I got to the brown room, and I'm missing a map. I checked all the chests, and, well yea. Help.

2015-09-12 11:49

+2 Djinn_v1 Quoting Block_Of_Dirt:

Throw leaping potions at the redstone lamps above the ice

That didn't work for me...

2015-09-10 22:19

+1 Kat2kitty I found the QR code, now what?

2015-09-07 04:44

+1 Frustrated. Taking the maps off the frames sometimes just flat out destroyed the map, making it impossible to solve.

2015-08-31 02:46

0 PJT This was a very fun map.
I found the numbers in each room; yet, I don't understand the order of the code in the purple room.

2015-08-30 03:13

0 C how do you figure out the code for the purple room? all i found were two signs

2015-08-29 21:28

+2 I What I could do in green level??

2015-08-29 10:19

+15 David I don't know how to get past the green room could you help?

2015-08-28 16:17

0 Edam_Cheese A nice, well thought out map. Well done for making this!

A couple of bugs though -
I couldn't find how to open the first door (into red)
In green, the first command after you completed it was invalid (the one before the falling sand)
In white I never quite found the perfect spot to see the number , maybe mark it?
And in purple, the filter didn't work when I had the right code (I checked)

Even so, this was a pretty good map (Comparable & based of The Code?)

2015-08-28 11:19

-2 Samuelleumas007 Quoting Sarah:
I feel silly, but how to I get past the first room?

You have to throw the leaping potions on the ice to open the first room. You got to throw the potions just under the quartz blocks, you can tell when the redstone lamp turns into a sea lantern

2015-08-28 08:37

-2 Block_Of_Dirt Quoting Sarah:
I feel silly, but how to I get past the first room?

Throw leaping potions at the redstone lamps above the ice

2015-08-28 05:56

+2 AaronB9 ...what did I just play/cheat at?

2015-08-27 21:41


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