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Houses Filled With Puzzles 2

Created by Aandeel Maps

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Welcome to Houses Filled With Puzzles 2!

House Filled With Puzzles 2 is a sequel / second part to the map known as "House Filled WIth Puzzles". In these maps, you are to walk through various houses, complete puzzles within the houses in order to try to escape the insanity of it all. Some of the puzzles can come across as challenging while others will come across as simple. 

Working down the street, you will encounter tasks which will want to make you "think outside the House". Wait, that doesn't sound right... There are a total of 8 Houses to work through, and each puzzle varies in difficulty.

All recommended settings are provided in-game 

Resource Pack built within the map. 

Enjoy! - Aandeel Maps


Map Details

Creator: Aandeel Maps
(34 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 4.84 MB
Added: 2021-01-31
Downloads: 788
Category: Puzzle Maps

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