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Galactic Escape

Created by Blastflame, Angryoreo1

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Something has gone terribly wrong during this space exploration mission. Solve puzzles, learn what your fellow crew members were up to and uncover many secrets in order to find the cause of the malfunctions and rescue the expedition! Beware though.. Not everything is as it seems.

As an apprentice redstone engineer your task was to help maintain the ship's engine room. But with the space ship in the middle of catastrophe, you've just got promoted! Good luck. If the situation gets really bad you can always make for the escape shuttle. If the space ship's onboard computer system allows it that is.

Can you collect all the data cores and escape the space ship? There's even bonus points to be collected for those adventurous enough.


  • Play in adventure mode.
  • Play in hard mode.
  • Play in 1.16.5
  • Disable music.
  • Turn up ambient & environment volume.
  • Turn up master volume.
  • Set Brightness to Moody.

This adventure map is designed for one player but works fine with up to two players.


Map Details

Creator: Blastflame, Angryoreo1
(35 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 8.9 MB
Added: 2021-03-22
Downloads: 2,942
Category: Puzzle Maps


+3 Obnoyingguy Good map, level design is visually interesting and unique. Progression is clear and being able to choose the order of completing the first 5 puzzles is nice.
the medical bay answers can be a bit frusterating. spoilers below with complaints:
Bjorns description including the word DELICIOUS to refer to a carrot instead of an item called DELICIOUS cookie was poorly done. Also "Local wildlife" to refer to a dandelion when there is also a Cactus, irradiated mushroom, red mushroom, fern, kelp, daisy, and pumpkin seeds is pure guesswork.

2021-03-26 19:46

+2 PhoenixFyre100 I was entertained for an hour or two, got all but one bonus point, I really enjoy the puzzles in this map.

2021-03-22 22:40


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