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Fix It

Created by BlueWolf

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Map Info

Puzzle map where you have to fix the creation to move to the next level.

There are all kinds of stages of repairing a work.

Which must be passed to reach the end.


Map Details

Creator: BlueWolf
(79 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 931 KB
Added: 2018-06-30
Downloads: 4,430
Category: Puzzle Maps


+3 DiamondRTP For the piston one you don't get everything needed

2018-07-04 00:56

+7 burger king foot let game is so broken is bad

2018-07-04 00:03

+7 Colin Davenport stone pick's can not mine redstone so i had to cheat when it came to mining redstone

2018-07-03 01:26

+6 CrazyCowMM Ok, so this map is FILLED with bugs. You can't break any of the Redstone because 1) You only have stone pickaxes which can't break redstone and 2) when punched redstone ore turns into lit redstone ore which is a different block meaning you can't break it. You didn't give iron on the piston level, or enough cobblestone so you couldn't make a piston, and on the end level you didn't replace the eye of enders with placeable eye of enders so you couldn't do anything with them. Not to mention putting them in the portal with cheats didn't even activate it.

2018-07-02 20:27

+2 tanger_unnown Also, the pickaxe isn't good enough to break the redstone ore.

2018-07-02 19:21

+2 tanger_unnown On level 3, the redstone would not break

2018-07-02 19:16

+3 anon even with the stone pickaxes able to mine through redstone, it doesn't actually drop the redstone

2018-07-01 02:24


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