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Craft to Survive

Created by techcommandcraft

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Hey you wanna play a map? And you like crafting and be so fast as possible maybe this is something for you!

Made By: Gijs van der Meij [techcommandcraft]

And: [xXlinksterXx]

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Creator: techcommandcraft
(19 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 22 MB
Added: 2016-11-11
Downloads: 1,642
Category: Puzzle Maps


White580 Horribly stressful map. Did the first level, barely got the second level, Third level is impossible. Not enough time to make a sword before the creepers show up, then, wooden sword killing creepers, really? Creepers not dropping gunpowder. Only 4 spawn (not enough for TNT). Plus, creepers move at 4x the speed so you cant get away from them. That's just level 3. Cheated past 3. 4 was another impossible level. Timer, waves of mobs, fighting 6 Armored skeletons with no armor and a wooden sword... -_- Stopped playing after that level. Either get rid of the timer or get rid of the mobs to make the map fun. (Preferably the timer)

2017-01-03 14:54

TechCommandCraft Sorry for the late respond. Becaus I didn't know if this map was really uploaded! Here is how i did it.
1. Get 3 log
2. Make all planks
3. Than very imporent try to craft a crafting table and 4 sticks add one time so like 1 left top corner 1 left bottem corner 2 right top and bottem corner so you can safe time.
4. Make a wooden pickaxe
5. Mine 3 stone.
6. Make stone pickaxe
7. Mine 1 iron mine 8 cobble
8. Make the furnace put the iron in the furnace with some fuel.
9. Mine 2 iron ore!
10. Put them in the furnace.
11. Make the sticks already.
12 and make the pickaxe.

Sorry if the map is hard! I thought i will match it with my time and than 5 seconds extra. My next map will be a horror map if you want to follow it on hoe i make ik. Check out my youtube channel: Techcommandcraft

I hope this will help you other wise check the notepad file there will be come commands than let you pass a level! Imporent do ut in order.

And again sorry that the map is hard its also my first map! So i think thats why. I have one less thing to say and that is BYE!!!

8. Make furnace an

2016-11-22 20:57

Pat Very hard, can not complete first level (Test).
I would need 4-5 more seconds to make it.

1- get 3 woods
2- craft table + wooden axe
3- get 3 cobblestone
4- craft coble axe
5- get 8 cobble + 3 iron block
6- craft oven
7- start transform 3 iron block with tranformed wood
8- while transform iron get one more wood
9- switch wood with transformed wood
10- prepare rod
11- get 3 irons
12- not enough time to craft iron axe

What do I so wrong?
I need 4-5 more seconds.

2016-11-13 20:53


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