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Created by HStat910

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Map Info:
Welcome to the intelligence testing, the mind boggling experience that is… BLOCKED!

Please note that BLOCKED!, for whom ever plays it most certainly needs to drink some water from the exhaustion! But please, DO… ENJOY THE MAP!


  • Don't break or destroy blocks unless told to!
  • Read every (and I mean EVERY) text you see!
  • Play on EASY or above!
  • (*Not Valid*) Find all the Quartz!
  • What ever you do, DONT EAT THE MELON!

No mods, plug-ins, or rescource packs needed…  SO ENJOY THE MAP!

Map Details

Creator: HStat910
(6 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.7
Size: 750 KB
Added: 2015-07-11
Downloads: 8,918
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 ThisMapSux Omg this map is so bad I'm not even sorry its almost like no effort at all to make it or to beat it.

2015-12-18 22:25

+1 anonymos x the map sucked by the end of the level my inventory was full. The pig level, colored floor, and redstone level didn't make sence. rest command block was empty and the discriptoin is misleading

2015-09-12 16:41

-3 MrFantastic375 This was the funnest puzzle map i have played. and probably because i didn't have to cheat on any of the puzzles (except for the last one because my computer is laggy and it was hard to even walk)

2015-08-22 17:04

0 Magoo32 I did a let's play of this map:


2015-08-16 19:19

0 Magoo32 I also did a Let's Play of this map:


2015-08-15 22:39

+1 Myst Xtreme I did a Let's Play of this map here:


2015-07-30 02:05

+4 PowerMC Definitely needs a lot of work. There was lots that was overlooked, like the fact that you can make wooden buttons. You clearly winged the redstone level, seeing as it can be solved by flicking one lever. The reset system didn't work, and the inventory didn't clear after every level, meaning you can easily cheat on the next. You could hop on top of the walls of the maze using the chest and cheat it. If not using the chest, you could use F5 Mode to find the exit. Some major improvements to be made. Did not like the map, sorry.

2015-07-22 19:29

+5 Andy Reset button doesn't work. some of the levels like the color floor make no sense, the redstone level wasn't finished. Very bad, not fun. Make sure you finished EVERYTHING before you publish!

2015-07-20 11:44

+5 Jenus358 The reset system doesn´t work because the command block is empty. I hate this map, sorry.

2015-07-17 16:59

+4 Lili Sorry, but I hate this map. The reset system doesn't work and there wasn't a clear system. So this is a horrbile map. Sorry

2015-07-15 10:32

+4 Anon Ummm I think you're forgetting that buttons can be crafted out of one wooden plank?

2015-07-15 05:07

-2 HAIASI10 If this happened to be your first map, then congratulations ! However, I wasn't parched while beating the map, and the Reset system is indeed nonfunctional. But it was fun none the less. Do add more if you feel there should be.

2015-07-13 21:27

-2 Jack Good, fun map, but the reset doesn't work so I had to cheat to complete the level. I do like it though.

2015-07-13 15:39

+3 not a spam bot Have a command block clear your inventory when you go to the next level and make it not possible to craft wooden buttons instead of stone ones.

2015-07-13 10:26

+4 HIHIQY1 Reset system does not work.

2015-07-12 12:00

+7 solace_white This was a horrible map, I'm sorry.

2015-07-12 07:22


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