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Created by ZicGamer Pro

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In this awesome map, you have to walk through the darkness using the sound waves to know where to walk, jump, etc.

There are a never used before mechanics. But are very simple.

There are 10 awesome levels, all them are possible to reach to the end.

Play only singleplayer and dont cheat.

Look the map trailer here.


Map Details

Creator: ZicGamer Pro
(25 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 411 KB
Added: 2018-02-20
Downloads: 918
Category: Puzzle Maps


spyro987 what game is this map based on

2018-03-05 01:57

Xiang_Rong Quoting Turtle:
This map is difficult after level 6. I can't get past the silverfish on the maze level. Any tips?

After beating the silverfish,the button will appear in the starting place.

2018-02-24 03:42

Billybae10K Hey there,

I played through your map and very much enjoyed my time with it. The whole concept of being blind and having to use eco-location to find your way through the puzzles is brilliant. I've seen it done before in Indie titles but never in Minecraft, at least not to this extent. I do think that perhaps you underused a few elements such as the slime blocks as they only appeared in a few levels.

I also wasn't a fan of the combat sections. This map is in the puzzle genre, yet the combat sections felt out of place. Especially the final boss, which sadly I was unable to beat because it became rather tedious to fight. I managed to get I believe 12 lights hit and the boss still wasn't dead, so ultimately I just stopped at Level 10. I think had you made the hint for the fight easier to find and perhaps had the player spawn in at the boss, as opposed to doing the bit of stage before it, the battle would be more bearable.

But I cannot overstate how brilliant I found the main mechanic to be and while I didn't beat the Final Boss, the puzzle aspect of your map was brilliant.

You can check out my play through if you're at all interested -

2018-02-22 17:38

KingAmo I've been playing Dark Echo, so this should be good. Everyone's creating game recreations nowadays.

2018-02-22 01:56

Turtle This map is difficult after level 6. I can't get past the silverfish on the maze level. Any tips?

2018-02-22 00:47

jellywayne I hope there is a hint at the last level. It's hard to figure out how to beat it, but this is still a good map.

2018-02-21 14:55

Xiang_Rong How to solve Level 8

2018-02-21 11:55


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