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Always Look Back!

Created by Derpz!

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Hello, again Minecraft players! Today I have a map that I have been working on for a while! It is.... Always Look back! In this map, you must play through ten puzzles. The catch? Inside the level you are playing is a hint/materials for the NEXT level! Smart, right? I know....


1. In the first the level, you will play and learn some "tactics".

2. Then on the second level, you will use those "tactics" to get through. While usings those "tactics," you will learn/observe some new things that you will not use for that level. That is because.....

3. You will use them for the next level! Then the cycle repeats until all ten levels are completed.


1. The first and most important rule is: NEVER, EVER TRUST SIGNS! However, it is my way (as the map creator) of telling you things. So, if they tell you to do something, do it. If they are telling you what you will be doing or what something is DO NOT TRUST IT!

2. If you see a stone pressure plate, you MUST step on it. Then, it can be ignored. NOTE: Stone pressure plates mean nothing.

3. Don't get out of gamemode 2 (except to fix any bugs there may be. You will be able to tell if there is a bug if the "Tutorial" section is wrong.)

4. Only break blocks with the tool that can break that block and do not place blocks where they do not go.


There are no mobs in this map, so you may put it on peaceful.

The brightness shouldn't be on moody (and is recommended to be on bright.)

The gamemode Adventure Mode. (/gamemode 2)

Command blocks should be enabled on servers.


This map should take anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes to complete!

The Resource Pack doesn't work!

Boom! Now it does: Download it here

Just unzip it and install the folder inside as a normal resource pack. The resource pack is specifically designed for this map to make the puzzles even trickier! >:)



Level 1. Grab the wooden axe from the chest. Then go below the chest and break the wood. Next, go into, yes into the block to the right of the chest and grab the wood. (It is a ghost block.) Finally, make the button and exit the level.

TAKEAWAY: You can go into some blocks.

Level 2: Step on the pressure plate to clear the axe. Then, go into the only lamp in the top row. Then, click the white dot that appears in the hole to the left. That opens the door.

TAKEAWAY: Note the pattern of the lamps on the floor.

Level 3. Click the button on the only lamp that was not in the last level.

TAKEAWAY: Note the signs on the wall that spell FLINT.

Level 4. Step on the stone pressure plates to set your spawnpoint. Then, choose the flint from the chest and click the sign before you go in. It should kill you. Then, go and trade the flint with the villager and get out.

TAKEAWAY: You can click signs.

Level 5. Click the signs and leave. IT IS NOT THE END!

TAKEAWAY: Note the placement of the stone and the obsidian.

Level 6. Get the cobblestone breaker from the chest. Then, break the place where the stone was on the previous wall. Then, cook it in a furnace. The furnace is where the obsidian was. Make a button and leave.

TAKEAWAY: Note there are barriers in this map. (Jump over them)

Level 7: Step on the pressure plate to clear your inventory/set your spawn point. Go all the way to the left and make the 2 block, one up jump to the barriers. Get to the right, grab the button from the chest. You can tell where the chest is because the lava dips down. Get the button and leave.

TAKEAWAY: Note the pattern of the concrete on the sides of the lava.

Level 8: Turn left immediately. Then, open the chest and grab the concrete. Go back to the room before and arrange them in your inventory the same way they are on the wall (from left to right.) Then, go to the anvil, grab some paper and some experience. Go into the anvil and type in the item IDs for the concrete. For example using the Blue concrete, you would type 11. Do that for each one. Next, do the same for the concrete in the chest labeled ."Second". Make sure the code is all on 1 piece of paper. The code is 11512921514146. Finally, put it into the hopper and leave that room.

TAKEAWAY: The lapis block and the wood will be used in the next room.

Level 9: First, grab everything from the chest and empty the concrete into that chest. Your seeds and bonemeal should be replaced with new ones. Next, chop down the wood in the previous room and make a crafting table and a hoe. Hoe the ground and plant the seeds. Use the bonemeal to help it grow and wait. Then, grab the wheat with the shovel and give it to the villager for a lever. Break the glowstone above you and put the lever on the underside of the iron block, so it is on the ceiling. Flick it and move on.

TAKEAWAY: My favorite game is 60 Seconds sign above the door. Also, the signs saying never trust the signs.

Level 10. Answer True and then break the glowstone on the ceiling and click the button.


My youtube channel

YouTube Let's Plays

Let's plays are highly encouraged! But, if you decide to do one just be sure to link this thread in the description! You don't have to link my YT if you don't want to! It is also highly encouraged for you to put yours down in the comment section.

That's it, and remember if you find any bugs, or have a question/support make sure to put it down below! BYE!


Map Details

Creator: Derpz!
(29 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 4.6 MB
Added: 2017-08-06
Downloads: 1,914
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 MithicSpirit Overall a very good map if not for all of the kinks.

2017-08-08 00:45

0 MithicSpirit If you break the glowstone in the ceiling on the level that you have to grow wheat the crop won't ever finish growing due to low light levels.
Also, the lever has to be in a specific orientation or else the door will not disappear.

2017-08-08 00:43

0 MithicSpirit If you go into the room with all of the concrete in the chests and take all of the items, then come back and die in the lava you will lose everything in your inventory.
Also you can just spam all of the buttons in the room with the redstone lamps and buttons.

2017-08-08 00:28


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