News: Minecraft 1.16 "Nether Update" has been released by Mojang!

Minecraft Puzzle Maps for 1.13

These puzzle maps were made for Minecraft 1.13 (Java Edition). 1.13.1 & 1.13.2 maps are also included.

This puzzle map contains 20 levels where the player will have to write the program for the robot to turn on all the lamps in each level.

In this map, you will solve puzzles by rotating parts of pictures into the correct position. You will compete with other players. By default, when the game starts, all players will get 15 lives. for every mistake you make, you will lose one life. Buy upgrades in the Ender Chest at the opposite side of the lobby.

A singleplayer Escape Room like experience as a neighborhood house thief who faces a difficult night.

This map is inspired by Trevor's "Which doesn't belong". I made this map for CaptainSparklez in hopes he will decide to play.

Losing Braincells is a troll/puzzle map, part of the ‘Unfair’ map series! Lose braincells and pull your hair out as you collect all three fragments to claim victory!

Christmas is a time of Joy and Happiness! But not here...

Are you ready to craft the craziest $1.000.000 rainbow shovel?

You must get to the next level, but it will be tricky!

All you have to do is complete the puzzles with the clues around the room to find the key.

Are you ready for a challenge?

A brand new fan-made custom Unfair Map made for Halloween 2018! Can you beat it?

This map tells the story of a hijacker kidnap you and then do a simple game to escape and then get arrested and killed.

You are trapped in a Underwater prison with maximum security and have to complete puzzles to escape it! Can you solve all the puzzles and escape the prison?

Escape Room of moderate difficulty, includes hint book. Contains over 200 command blocks.

Unfair TNT is sure to make you retire from playing Minecraft! Think you can beat it? Why not try it yourself?

This map is an Unfair styled Adventure Puzzle map. The map resets when you die and doesn't have a clear path but doesn't have as many trolls as a traditional unfair map. The map also has an objective. Your objective is to search the ocean to find the Heart of the sea and return its Prismarine Shrine.

This is a physics puzzle map based on the behaviour of slimy projectiles that bounce of walls. The basic goal is to throw slimeballs at the correct angle to hit the button, but the map also includes more advanced features such as bouncy ender pearls, zero gravity cream, turrets and more!

How well do you know your vines? Are you a fan of vines? Then this is your map!

This Map contains almost all the 1.13 features! There are 22 levels in total.

Shadow Runner is a 20-minute singleplayer puzzle map in which you use "Time Machines", devices that record your movements for 10 seconds, then create a shadow version of yourself that copies every move you recorded, including standing on pressure plates and such.