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You Have 9 Seconds

Created by Malcolm18

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Map Info

This is a fun parkour map with 9 levels. Once you start the timer you have 9 seconds to complete the parkour.

  • At least 15 minutes of gameplay
  • 7/10 difficulty
  • 9 challenging levels
  • Singleplayer only
  • Everything tested and possible

You have 9 seconds took me about 15 hours to make, and it's my third map.

I hope you enjoy my map ;)


Map Details

Creator: Malcolm18
(382 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 367 KB
Added: 2017-01-14
Downloads: 17,221
Category: Parkour Maps


+5 parkourking I love this map! I completed the entire thing legit! As I'm sure you have heard, the timer is broken on "Cut'n Corners." However, I found the issue. There is a piece of redstone missing in front of the kill command block. Once I saw this, I place some redstone where I thought it was missing and the problem was solved! Keep up the good maps!

2017-06-20 18:20

+2 MasonGamer331 Really nice map,I mean I really enjoyed it, I would rate it 7/8!
The only thing is, is that it has some bugs but they are really minor except for the Cut n' Corner level where the timer doesn't work and it doesn't kill you.
But AWESOME map none the less keep up the good work :)

2017-02-07 17:01

+2 PhyloGenesis Because you asked (in the win room):
1. Make roofs of solid blocks so you don't incur so much lag. (I couldn't make a video on it because I lost so many frames that with recording I couldn't do the parkour.)
2. Fix all the bugs. The timer ran past 9 without killing me once and it tracks death without the timer if you hit the plate a second time. Also, the checkpoints don't always work. My first fail on level 3 put me at level 1 (I did activate the string after beating lvl 2).
3. Make the course in the direction the player spawns so you don't always have to turn around (or better yet use armor stands and tp checkpoints).
4. Let the player restart without waiting for the timer. Standing around waiting when you miss a jump really reduces how fun it feels.

Thank you for the map.

2017-02-07 05:34

+3 KT I really liked this map! I've played many parkour maps, and this is probably up there. Why? The parkour was FUN to play, not so hard you want to quit. Each level had a nice variety, which I appreciated! As for suggestions, I've got very few. Idk if it was my settings or something like that, but the 9 second timer didn't work on the Cut 'n Corners level. It just kept going up until I beat the level. Probably due to my render distance being low. As for the glass causing lag at the beginning of each level, I found that turning off smooth lighting significantly helped the fps. Really enjoyed the map, man! I made a video on it, if you'd like to see it:
Thanks for the video content! Look forward to some new maps :)

2017-01-29 18:49

+4 Syno The glass breaking is so laggy i can't even make a jump =(

2017-01-21 00:20

-1 Anonimus Like my video for this map:

2017-01-20 17:53

-3 maddash789 I did not enjoy this map I couldn't even finish the first level I had to cheat and the 2nd one I had to set a spawnpoint and I quit on the 3rd one. I don't recommend

2017-01-16 21:41

+3 CalaAssaianYT Can you play it on 1.11.1?

2017-01-15 23:53

+1 It5meSam Very interesting map :)

2017-01-15 22:25

+2 gradyth & Bamun Bamun: I think this map was really good. I liked the part with the dinosaur and the appeal it has to every generic minecraft youtuber ever. You did a good, now I'm gunna go eat a cookie. mmm, cookies. I like those. Do you like cookies? I swear i'm not getting off track, I'm just a potato.

Gradyth: 10/100 gamemode 1 worked

(P.S. it was good... like this cookie)

2017-01-15 21:47

+4 Fetty_Potter I WAS THE FIRST!!! no I'm not that kid, Wow. I have to say, this map is AMAZING! I can give it 10 stars if I could I would rate this map 100 stars. Please make more maps and keep up the great work!

2017-01-15 04:21


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