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The Test Of Skill

Created by HamC

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Map Info

This map is a way of comparing scores with friends, while playing with a competitive nature. You can play this map with up to 5 people, or just by yourself.

This map has a mix of different playing styles and levels that depend on your skill.


I hope you enjoy this map, and if you do please consider giving it a rating!

The Levels

1st level: The cobble dropper

This dropper relies on your speed, as you will be given a bucket that can only be placed on cobblestone, so you need to act quick to get to the cobble before dying.

2nd level: The lava parkour

This parkour relies on your agility, so you can change your pace and jump at different speeds. As the name gives, this level has lava everywhere, so you need agility in order to beat this level.

3rd level: The redstone and commandblock situation

This level requires knowledge, as you need to guide a redstone block to a command block, without messing everything up. This truly is one of the hardest levels.

4th level: The choice slime dropper

This level is interesting, as it requires 2 things, luck and speed. You need to be able to click the correct button, because 1 kills you and one opens the dropper door. Once you jump down, you need to guide yourself to a slime block, and click a button while in mid-air.

5th level: The quick dropper

Once done the fourth level, you will be instantly teleported to the quick dropper, where you need to land on a cobblestone that is completely hidden. This level takes all of your skill, and is truly the hardest.


Added a major part of the map that was missing (end of room).


Map Details

Creator: HamC
(325 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.1 MB
Added: 2018-06-15
Downloads: 16,136
Category: Parkour Maps

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CrazyCowMM If anyone is ever in need of help with this map here's a playthrough!

2018-06-15 02:14

Sage Decent map but the first one is impossible in Adventure Mode because you can't make the mlg the second mlg water bucket is also impossible in Adventure Mode and when you tried to fake me out with me dying it didn't teleport me anywhere and I got stuck because the command there is just "/tp @a" and it doesn't finish so to get to the end you have to cheat and same with the mlg bucket tests you have to cheat to actually finish them by going into Survival

2018-06-14 03:57


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