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The Search For Uncle Fred

Created by omer03

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Map Info:
Welcome everyone to the Search For Uncle Fred, a parkour map with a little twist to it: You have to jump in 2 parallel dimensions to reach your goal.

The story follows a young boy, trying to find his uncle. As he searches for his uncle, he enters another dimension, that resembles the Real World.Are you willing to find Uncle Fred? Or do you prefer to be a coward and drink a nice cup of tea at home? Your choice!

There are also Easter Eggs (Secret Codes) hidden in each levels. Try to collect them all to unlock a Special Bonus Level at the end of the map! Be warned, they aren't easy to get!


  • This map must be playing in singleplayer only!
  • No cheating unless you want to use /kill command.
  • The game uses a 'Scroll' to teleport between dimensions. If you use it too quick in a row, it might get stuck and break the game. So use it with at least 1 sec interval between each use.
  • Don't go or leave the boundaries!
  • Have fun and don't rage quit!


Map Details

Creator: omer03
(9 votes)
Version: 3.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 8.8 MB
Added: 2015-10-21
Downloads: 14,870
Category: Parkour Maps


+5 omer03 Thanks AlexanderHoff12 3 for playing it again. And wow DanTDM has played my map!

2015-11-04 13:45

+5 MinecraftPLayer It was a little bit easy but I kind of did it!

2015-11-04 10:31

+5 AlexanderHoff123 I replayed the map and did much better this time. Now that I learned how to do those jumps, and you added a few signs. I made another video on it.

Also I did it in the correct way this time. It seems I skipped quite a lot last time.

Awesome map! :)

2015-11-03 20:57

+6 omer03 the map is updated to 2.1 now. The elevator should work now and in general the parkour should a bit easier. There are multiple checkpoints each level now. So I hope everyone will enjoy this one now. If you notice bugs it would be helpful to post them here.

2015-11-01 01:13

+6 Maask22 Very good map, the idea is very creative. Wow

2015-10-29 17:45

+6 kickkarot awesome parkours !!!!!!!!!! >_< ._. :} ;)

2015-10-28 05:59

+5 omer03 Yeah that's a bug, sorry for that. As I said earlier i will fix some bugs including that in the upcoming days

2015-10-26 16:43

+5 That Guy On level 6 the elevator doesn't work, do i need to do something?

2015-10-26 05:18

+5 omer03 Mapmaker here. Thanks for the feedback! I will fix the map and make the parkour easier and update in a couple of days.

2015-10-24 20:07

+6 AlexanderHoff123 I thought this was a really cool map. Really neat concept and it worked very well.

Tough I do have to admit that some of the jumps where really hard and I ended up cheating a lot on the last few levels (especially because I wanted to get all the codes :)).

I made a video on it if you wanna see. Just search for my name (AlexanderHoff1 23).

2015-10-23 20:34

+6 Justrey its was a cool map, the idea behind it is amazing, credits for that. The only thing is that it is super hard.

2015-10-23 17:15

+7 gentleman awesome map and parkour 11/10

2015-10-21 13:42


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