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The Color Complex

Created by Stockley_

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The Color Complex

Hey everyone!

The color complex is my first attempt at a parkour map. It features 7 levels with progressing difficulty, with some bonus challenges off the beaten path for some hidden diamonds (which are used for bragging rights only). The map also comes with a completely original soundtrack made by me, but don't worry for you YouTuber's out there as it's completely fine to play with no risk of demonetization!

Where it's my first attempt at a parkour map, it's nothing special and I can admit it's probably not perfect, but I hope you all enjoy it regardless. Feedback is highly appreciated!

Multiplayer Notice

This map is made for both single-player and multiplayer. However, due to the way that Minecraft handles spawn points on servers, you might not spawn in the correct location when first joining. So make sure you teleport to the spawn coordinates at x:23 y:29 z:-16

Also, the resource pack is required for the map unless you want it to look and sound really ugly. So if you don't have the resource pack, you can download it here: [Click here to download]

The map should be fine with as many people as you'd like, but I think any more than 4-5 players will make things a bit cramped and chaotic (but maybe that'll lead to some fun, who knows)?

Thank you!

Thanks again to everyone for the support and I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me in my discord server that's linked in the hub of the map itself. Comments take a while to be approved on this site so discord is the best place to contact me for direct feedback/questions/etc. 


Map Details

Creator: Stockley_
(119 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 64 MB
Added: 2021-05-02
Downloads: 12,478
Category: Parkour Maps


Dylan Very nice map i enjoyed it just the right lenght!

2021-05-09 21:35

Nojodeitor Great job with this map, it doesn't look like a first work on this matter... keep up the good work!

Nice dungeon-type atmosphere and music, really simple yet challenging levels (one of the hardest parkour maps I've played, actually), and a minimalistic decoration. Loved it! 5/5

2021-05-09 21:08

GAECHKATM parkour is verry hard

2021-05-05 19:57

Tepi Good map

2021-05-05 17:37

MEsswtme The button for the first level doesnt work and ihave command blocks enabled

2021-05-04 07:35

no First off...... WHY!!!!! The music is bad and its so long i mean cant you just make it short?! worst parkour game get better

2021-05-04 00:40

Untracker Great map! It was very enjoyable and the difficulty was really nice for regular players who want some parkour.

In the beginning, it won't teleport you if you're not in Adventure mode and it doesn't say you need to play in adventure mode in the rules. We were a little stumped as to why the map wouldn't start at first.

However, it was a very fun map, job well done boys!

2021-05-03 23:10

Mooder For a first parkour map, beyond excellent. Challenging, yet simple with a dungeon exploration type of vibe; it's very easy to fall in love with a map like this.

2021-05-03 18:21


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