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Ten Second Parkour

Created by Kris Madas

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Map Info:
Welcome to Ten Second Parkour! On this map, you must parkour from checkpoint to checkpoint within the ten second time limit. Your goal is to complete the map with less than 21 Fails (my personal record). With basic parkour, and ten different checkpoints, this map is fun to play again and again. 

Additional Info:

  • This map it NOT multiplayer compatible.
  • If playing on a server you MUST ENABLE command blocks.
  • All jumps are POSSIBLE and have been tested by myself and friends.

If you are recording for YouTube PLEASE credit me in the video/description. A simple link to this page will do. :)

Map Details

Creator: Kris Madas
(21 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 540 KB
Added: 2015-12-27
Downloads: 6,889
Category: Parkour Maps


-1 xKamileqMaMacro Look this guy, 8 fails! :D thats polish youtuber

2018-02-23 13:19

+1 RedCoal My best :

Thanx for your map
ps : I'm French

2016-02-12 19:29

0 Donnie I played this parkour map, and I did pretty good! If your confused on how to do it, or for a challenge to beat my score, check out the video I did on it:

I got 13 on my first try! Good luck, and have fun
( I post parkour and PVP videos )

2016-01-24 17:20

+1 Ethan Austin Even when i got to a checkpoint then died i would still get tpd back to start!

2016-01-02 18:49

-2 Jetssniper Quoting Squirtle_Playz:
It keeps killing me even when i reset this map is one of the worst parkour maps i've ever played rating 1/10

Same here it keeps killing me (im on 1.8.9)

2015-12-29 23:05

-3 Squirtle_Playz It keeps killing me even when i reset this map is one of the worst parkour maps i've ever played rating 1/10

2015-12-28 20:19

-2 Conner how do you beat the first jump

2015-12-28 15:56

+1 RoGaBear Great map, really enjoyed it. Bad thing is that timer should reset when you touch water and should take you back to your checkpoint.
Also, next to each checkpoint a "i give up" sign just so you can restart it there! Id say 7/10 (because it was cool)

2015-12-28 02:45

-1 Cloud_Wolf Awesome map and concept but you should reset the 10sec timer each checkpoint. otherwise you cant beat the map with a low number of fails

2015-12-27 21:41

+4 Apple_Jackson I think your map can be better developed. You should make it so that the timer resets after every time you fall in the water, but also counts as a fail. When someone falls in the water, they should go right back to their checkpoint not to the beginning of the map. Current rating: 1/10.

2015-12-27 21:14


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