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Rough Debuff

Created by FantomLX

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Welcome To The Rough Debuff! In this map you will race your friends and toggle options before hand to effect the gameplay.


  • Spawn Eggs - on, off and several different modes
  • Speed - on and off
  • Epic Hats - :D
  • Number Of Players
  • Just wait and see the rest...

(Based on these options, the game may lag a bit more. But probably not.)


This map is 100% Multiplayer friendly.

Single player:

Same as multiplayer, there are different game-modes between the two.


Creator: FantomLX

Artwork: JayMineCrafton

Epic Idea Creator: 5upertrinity

Official Awesome Guys: Razmd

Main Testers/Builders: Wolf and ModulatingBass

Additional Builders/Testers: Spendrew, DrNose, Sonam, BlackWidow, Stebois, Killier5252, Yelt, and if I did not mention your name, do not take it personally, so many talented people went in to this map, either you did not help as much as others or my memory made me forget xD

If you would like to be added to this list for my next maps, comment on this map or message me through twitter to help with my future maps.


Map makers "totally" love bugs. So for us to see that love, post any bugs/mistakes you found in this map so that I can fix it!


Please leave the map link and my name, FantomLX, in the description of your video!

I really hope all of you enjoy this map and have a great time!

Map Details

Creator: FantomLX
(13 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 2.1 MB
Added: 2015-11-08
Downloads: 16,266
Category: Parkour Maps


-2 Woofman Once i'm in the room of changing team color, i can't go through a portal and the game doesn't start :/

2015-11-11 10:47

0 Zippy SO COOL! love the debuffs in multiplayer!

2015-11-09 14:29

-1 FantomLX Quoting King_Kat:
Very Good Map! I liked all of the particle effects and options that could change the game. I would like to help in the future if that's okay with you.

Thanks for your comment! If you want you can add me on skype at jskeller29 if you want to help me with any of my maps!

2015-11-09 02:36

0 King_Kat Very Good Map! I liked all of the particle effects and options that could change the game. I would like to help in the future if that's okay with you.

2015-11-08 21:49

-1 A. Concerned Citizen This map is the opposite of derivative. My dear Fantom, I believe it has that je ne sais quoi that goes into the perfect, sublime maps that I am sure we all live for. It has the markings of imagination, ambition, and perhaps love that went into this game's careful creation. I was not disappointed.

2015-11-08 15:16

+2 Awesome Love this map!

2015-11-08 10:58

+4 5uperTrinity Pretty cool how you can race with other people and use power-ups to destroy them! Awesome map :)

2015-11-08 08:20

+1 Mark Alexander WOW! great map dude loved it! Youtubers are most likely to play this awesome map!

2015-11-08 07:58

+2 Mjwarner Awesome Map. Really enjoyed it :)

2015-11-08 05:51


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