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Razzed Parkour

Created by bluecreeper111

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Map Info:Parkour your way through a colorful parkour course, try to get to the finish of this strange yet fun map!

Map Dedicated to razmd!


  • Multiplayer supported.
  • Fun.
  • Working spawnpoints.

Rules / Preferences:

  • Play on Peaceful.
  • Do not cheat.

Credits:Thank you to Vikkstar123,Lachlan, and razmd for playing my last maps.

Map made by bluecreeper111.

Map Details

Creator: bluecreeper111
(5 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.1
Size: 393 KB
Added: 2015-05-18
Downloads: 7,954
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Kennevolution I like the map but it was short D:

2015-05-28 16:37

0 Daniel_Creates The spawn points messed up, so when I died at the very start It made me skip half of the parkour

2015-05-23 13:34

0 Bouncierwizard I think you're a good map builder and it was a million times better than your other one. You need to make them longer even if it means spending months on them.

2015-05-21 15:16

0 ThePower13579 I loved it. It was a great improvement from the nuclear testing maps. I hope you make more maps like this.

2015-05-19 23:09

0 bluecreeper111 Quoting 5uperTrinity:
Fun but super short.

Thanks! I did not have lots of time to build it.

Btw your maps are epic!

2015-05-19 12:57

+7 5uperTrinity Fun but super short.

2015-05-19 06:15


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